Receiving The Call and Getting Ready

IMG_0076We opened our mission call on December 21, 2013.  Lisa and Chads families were at the house to help us, it was a day we had been waiting for, we are called to the Mexico Area with assignment working with the Young Single Adult program in Mexico.  We are excited and nervous for this adventure, hope we can do some good.

Since receiving our call we have been very focused on Spanish, Janie has skyped 3 times a week with someone from the Language training mission and Richard has skyped twice and week.  We have both had the same tutor, a young man named Sterling Elliot, he has been more than helpful, we have become good friends over the internet.  He has helped Richard gain confidence in a language he spoke well and he’s given Janie some good basic Spanish knowledge and a great start, she has worked very hard.

Its amazing how many little details you need to take care of to be able to check out of your normal life for 18 months, hopefully we have them taken care of.  We are down to two weeks before we go to Provo for five days(April 28) and then on to Mexico on Saturday (May 3). We are just trying out this blog to see how it works, we will let you know if this will be our mode of communication.

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