The days are marching off until we leave for our mission, today is Friday, the Bishop has asked us to speak on Sunday the 20th (Easter Sunday).  I think we are both prepared for our talks, we will speak on the atonement and the resurrection.  After Sacrament mtg. we are going to have a little get together at our place with family and friends that can come out.  We have an appointment with the Stake President to be set apart Thursday night at 8:00pm.  Lisa is going to take us to the MTC, we will drive down to Provo Sunday afternoon, as we need to check into the MTC between 10:30 and 11:00 Monday morning. We will be in Provo from Monday to Saturday when we fly out of SLC airport to Mexico City.  We received a call from Mexico yesterday and was told that our assignment has been changed from working with Young Single Adults to working with the Youth and planning and implementing large multi-stake youth conferences.  I told them that was just fine that my lack of skills would allow me to do only my best where ever they put me.  They also said that we would be living in an apartment building located on the temple block in Mexico City.  We have very few details that have not been taken care of—we are ready.

2 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Richard and Jane,
    Thanks for setting up this blog so that we can enjoy some of the special times ahead with your mission.

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