The Big Day!

This is Lisa.  Sunday afternoon I drove my parents to Provo.  My eleven year old son, Sam came with us.   We all had a very enjoyable time together.  In the morning we drove to the Provo tempe to take some pictures and kill some time.

Provo Temple with Lisa and Sam

Provo Temple with Lisa and Sam

The time came to actually drop my parents off at the MTC … with all the other young’uns.   Sam and I got a quick tour inside the MTC entrance area before being directed to drive them to the drop off area.  A couple of missionaries came right out and took their luggage,so with a couple of quick hugs and kisses to Sam and I, Sister and Elder Pocock are off and on their way.  They’ll spend five  busy days there at the mission training center, then onto Mexico City.  I can’t wait to hear about all their experiences.  I am blessed to be their daughter and so grateful to be able to be apart of their adventure today.

Sister and Elder Pocock

Sister and Elder Pocock complete with nametags!

4 thoughts on “The Big Day!

  1. They look just like brand new missionaries. We are so excited for them and the adventures that they will have. Having 2 missionaries, myself this is a very humbling experience for all of you. I love to read their adventures. Have a great mission and remember we all love you.
    Linda Mitchell

  2. I wish I could have been their at the MTC. Love you mom and dad, you’ll be in our prayers every night! Remember President Hinkleys counsel, ‘Forget yourself and Gitter Done!’

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