Adios MTC… Hola Mexico!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

Here we are Friday night, May 2, 2014.  We finished up our MTC experience this afternoon, washed our clothes, saw Lisa after she finished women’s conference, packed our bags and weighed them, ate dinner  and now we are waiting for bed.  We will have a short night as we are being picked up to go to the airport at 3:30 am. Our flight leaves the Salt Lake air port at 7:30 am, we go to Denver and then on to Mexico City.  We arrive in Mexico City at 3:30pm, they are 1 hour ahead of us there.  Dave Smith emailed today and he is going to pick us up at the airport, so its nice to know what is going to happen.

The MTC is really a great experience, I’ve never seen such organization, they answer questions before you have a chance to ask them.  We studied from Preach My Gospel, had group discussions and live practice situations, in most cases it turned out to be a very spiritual experience.  Tuesday night we went to a fireside and the speaker was Elder Christofferson of the quorum of the twelve, he gave an amazing talk on trust, trusting ourselves, trusting and being trusted by others and most importantly being trusted by our Heavenly Father, he is a very inspiring speaker.  The accommodations at the MTC were very comfortable, the food was very good and too plentiful. All in all, it was a great experience.

There were twenty couples in our group and we were then broke into districts of about four couples per district. We studied with Elder and Sister Kunz, the Wards and the Fugals.  Each morning and afternoon we would have a total group meeting for a half an hour to an hour before we separated into our classes.  We made some very good friends, it will be fun to catch up to them in 18 months and learn of their experiences.


One thought on “Adios MTC… Hola Mexico!!!

  1. You look happy and I’m sure you will do a great job.
    The wind is still blowing and it suppose to rain this week. I think everyone is getting tired of the wind.
    Enjoy your mission, know we are thinking of you.
    Love Sandy and Linda

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