First Week in Mexico – Memorable

Dear Family and Friends,

Can’t believe almost a week has gone by.  We arrived in Mexico City Saturday afternoon and here we are at Friday night. We have been busy getting our apartment livable, applying for our permanent visa’s, getting access to everything we need from the Area office and being involved in numerous meeting with our counterparts working in the FSY program. Driving in Mexico City is a scary proposition and the city is so large it takes a lot of time to get to anywhere especially in traffic. On Tuesday we took a trip with the Smith’s to a couple neighboring towns to check out a couple of potential locations to hold large EFYs, we saw some beautiful country, before we got out of the city we saw a fellow who had been killed in a car motor bike accident(laying in the road with a tarp over him), so it didn’t take long to start our list of First’s. Then Thursday we were driving to the area office for a meeting and we were rear ended by another driver, he quickly backed up and sped away. So, another First. Friday, Elder Johnson and Sister Johnson wanted to see us and we met them at the visitors center which is right by our apartment. When we got there they had Bryce and Sherry Holman with them, what a great surprise and reunion we had. Sister Johnson is Bryce’s sister and was also a school mate of mine. It was certainly fun to see them and spend some time with Elder Johnson. Note, The Johnson’s have received an assignment change and will be moving the SLC in July.
Tomorrow we fly to Tijuana for a training session with some people up there for their upcoming FSY session in July.  I am anxious to see how Elder Smith trains and teaches.  We will be back in the City on Monday afternoon. Janie has our apartment clean and very livable by now and with a little more time we will be more comfortable with our new surroundings (hard to go from Moody Creek to a extremely large and noisy city). Janie is also having a few allergy type problems because of the air here in the city (I thought SLC was bad). The FSY program is amazing in Mexico, it is truly touching a lot of lives and as always the primary objective is to strengthen testimonies and help the youth recognize and feel the spirit. There are a number of young people (non-members) who have attended with a friend, felt something truly amazing and have investigated and joined the church.
It’s amazing the good people you meet everywhere you go, these folks are happy, productive and are great members of the church. Our convictions are truly strengthened by our association with these good people.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is a heavenly directed organization and the more we do in it for others the more that fact becomes apparent. We know that our faith and testimonies will grow greatly during our time in Mexico and we are thankful for it.

We love you all very much and you’re in our prayers.

Mom and Dad

View of the temple from our apartment window

View of the temple from our apartment window

P.S.  (This is Lisa)  They forgot to mention another minor First.  This is the text my mom sent about the earthquake last Thursday.  “Everything is good, we were downtown at the area office, we had just come down from the eleventh floor (where the Area President is) and were on the 1st floor in the mission office when we felt the earthquake.  We evacuated the building to the street but I don’t think there was any damage.  They said it was a 6.8.”  then she casually added, “HOW ARE THINGS AT HOME?”

One thought on “First Week in Mexico – Memorable

  1. I’m sure there will be alot of first for you, but you can handle it. I can just see Janie cleaning and making everything perfect for the two of you. Each day will be a new adventure, just enjoy it and you’ll have lots of stories to tell when you come home. It is finally starting to feel like spring around here.
    I love to read your post. Keep smiling and remember we love you and are saying a prayer of you
    Sandy and Linda

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