Great People Here

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope this note finds you well and happy, this old world has a lot to offer and I know that there are good things happening in your lives. We have certainly had some busy days, last Saturday we flew to Tijuana for some training of session directors and people who are in charge of the FSY conferences in that area. We went to church on Sunday morning and then had training sessions for a few hours, after which we were invited to a very humble little home for lunch. When we got there we ate like kings, carnitas de puerco, tamales wrapped in banana leaves rather than corn and Mexican deserts. The food was wonderful and you had to know that they truly offered us more than they should have, there were quite a few people there and it was quite a party.

This is the Toledo Family who fed us in Tijuana. Great People


They also took us to the Tijuana temple which is under construction and will be finished in March of next year.
On Monday we flew back to Mexico City, Tuesday we drove to a town called Camomilla to look at a YMCA center were we may hold a couple large youth conferences, Wednesday we were at the area office for some computer training. Then on Thursday we drove to Guadalajara about a 7 hour drive and had a training meeting with the Quinteros(session directors for that area), he is an engineer and she is working on her doctorate, really sharp young people. Thats the kind of people that have been called to be directors of sessions, young, educated and very well rounded. So we are blessed to be working with this kind of people, they have strong testimonies and are very dedicated to their callings. A session director is a huge calling, they have to be very organized, talented and dedicated. On Friday we drove back to the city and then yesterday we spent a good share of the day with John and Ellen Robinson as they further trained us in our calling, we are taking their place. Sister Robinson has cancer, but doing quite well, but they will be going back home to the colonies around the end of the month. They are really great people and have had a lot to do with the development of the FSY program in Mexico. He has been a mission president, stk. President and is a quite, gentle man, great teacher. Today Sunday we had another session with the Robinson’s and then went to church from 1:00 to 4:00pm so this evening is going to be quite and peaceful and were are not going anywhere. As you can see we are keeping a busy schedule and its only going to get busier until about the middle of august, from mid july through early august there will be around 80 conferences in the country.
Sunday right now is a hard day for Janie as we go to church, she understands a small portion of whats said and she comes home a little discouraged, she is studying and working hard everyday on Spanish and if anyone is going to learn to communicate it is her, you know how dedicated she can be when she gets into a project. I am still not excited about driving in Mexico City but have done some and we are still alive. We should get our car tomorrow and our permanent visas this week so I guess we are going to stay.
Please know of our beliefs in what we are doing, there is so much good happening with the youth of the church here in Mexico. Some of the kids and families have little to nothing but they are given an opportunity to experience and learn in a conference setting with hundreds of other kids and they feel those very special feelings of the spirit that goes along with Heavenly Fathers plan of happiness. Its our opportunity to be a tiny part in this process, it will be fun to send you pictures and reports when the conferences start happening.

We love you and pray for you daily
Mom and Dad
Richard and Jane
Elder and Hermana Pocock

This is Janie: After we get our Visa’s this week Richard can go and fill in a form for his drivers license. They asked me if I wanted to, and after watching how people drive here, I knew the roads here were not for me. It’s bad enough watching Richard drive. ( you can as long as you have a USA license, but it doesn’t last long.) Some times I even close my eyes until we are pass the problem. It helps Richard if I close my eyes because I make too many noises and that makes him nervous, while he’s driving. I’m excited about our first FSY. The way everyone talks about these conferences, and how the spirit stays with these young kids and how they love every minute of it, I can’t wait to attend one. Some days I think I’m grabbing on to the language, and then I hear talks or a lesson and have no idea what they are talking about. But it’s not going to get me down, tomorrow morning I’m back to my books and lap top. It would be nice if the Lord would just give me the gift of tongues. Kids I love you all, be careful and take care of all my grandkids……….Mom


3 thoughts on “Great People Here

  1. Sounds as if the spirit is really touching you. It’s a little nerve racking driving in those places. When we went to Guadamala with Matt I just about had a nervous break down, but we all lived. Jane you will get the language, just keep studying and it will come. Just enjoy your mission and write everything down so you can tell us all about it.
    We are praying for you and the youth of Mexico.
    Have a good week.
    Sandy and Linda

  2. Oh I have enjoyed your posts- our Email was down for a while so I couldn.t respond. oh the language- you are sure to get it Jane with all your hard work.Your work sounds so interesting and busy. Take care and love to you. Ruth

    Date: Tue, 20 May 2014 14:57:07 +0000 To:

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