Costco and Burger King in Mexico

Dear Everybody,

Wednesday we went to the area office to finalize our visa’s. that took us a little longer then we thought because Janie’s first picture wasn’t right so Elder Christensen who went with us took us down to a photo gallery to have it retaken. We then meet up with the Smiths again and went over to Costco to buy a few things. Janie has missed her salads, she was so excited when she saw lettuce bagged, and from USA. We went to a dinner that night for Elder Johnson and his wife ( his wife Leann and I were High school classmates in Sugar Salem High school) this dinner was a farewell dinner for them. They are heading to Salt Lake City to work in the confidential records office among other things. While at the party Janie decided she needed to drink more water before the day ended. She thought that the ride home could not take as long as it did that morning, ( 2hours and 10 mins) but what she didn’t know was that most of the people go home around 8:00pm from work. So you can just imagine with that much water and no place to get off, what kind of ride she had. We did get lucky, 7 mins before we were to arrive home we saw a restaurant by the side, plus the traffic wasn’t as crazy so we pulled over.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday Dave and Richard spent many hours answering email questions from session directors, counselors and logistic couples that work in FSY. Since the answers had to be written back in Spanish, Janie decided she would help with a calculator how many shirts we needed to order, etc.

This is Richard, let me tell you a little story that happened this week, one day we walked down the street to the Burger King for a little lunch(oh, the fries were so good). While we were eating a young man and a young woman came up to us, they knew who we were by our tags and the way we were dressed. We introduced ourselves and that we were working on FSY. The young lady told us that she was a product of EFY or FSY, 4 years ago she knew about the church but was not a member and was not excited about it, a couple friends invited her to attend EFY, she said as she attended the week long event she felt those very special feelings that are there and her heart was really touched by the spirit and it was only a few months of investigation and she joined the church. Today she has a mission call to serve in the Guadalajara mission, leaving for the mission in June. The young man that was with her told us that he joined the church last august and now also has his mission call to serve in Monterrey starting in September. They were great young people with great direction in their lives, we hear these kinds of stories all the time about EFY. Our sessions will start this year the 14 of July, its unbelievable the amount of planning and coordination that happens before these conferences.


Janie took this picture from the car as we were coming back into the city, pretty dense population, it certainly doesnt all look like this, there are some very pretty places in Mexico City.

Image 2
Here we are at Elder Johnsons going away party, with the Smiths.

Image 6

Mariachis at the Johnson Party, We even danced a couple dances.

We love you all and hope this note finds you well and happy, we will be traveling this next week so our next letter may be longer than a week update, we should get back to the city a week from tomorrow (Monday).
Richard and Jane

One thought on “Costco and Burger King in Mexico

  1. Sounds as if you are getting the hang of things. The work is going forward and I’m glad you are apart of it. Things are about the same here. It is getting hot, but we still have the wind. I guess we can’t ask for everything.
    We are thinking of you.

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