First Run in With the Law

Dearest Family and Friends.

I did a dumb thing today, we drove out to the Church Distribution Center out by the new MTC. I was driving and was pulled over for a routine traffic check, when the officer asked me for my drivers license the color went out of my face, I had forgot to put on my pouch with my drivers license and credit card(its a pouch that hangs on my belt and actually fits down inside my pants). So here we are a Gringo driving in Mexico with out a drivers license from Mexico or the United States. They were going to take the car and us somewhere with a large fine, a little scary. I don’t know what happened but after about 30 minutes of discussion one of the officers came over and told us to be on our way. Missionaries are blessed even when laws are broker inadvertently.
Tuesday we had meeting with two companies to finalize negotiations and finalize plans for 5 of our conferences here close to Mexico City, these conferences will have 8-9 hundred kids at each one. The next two days were spent doing computer work, getting lists of things to the different providers for all these kids going to FSY in the next couple months. There will be better than 40,000 kids attend conferences this summer, I’m not sure how we will keep up. Friday Janie and I flew to La Paz on the Baja California, we have new session directors there that needed some training and some help finding a place to have their conference and stay within their budget, we had a lot to do. We arrived at about 4:20 pm and the Director met us at the air port to show us how to get around in a new city. He had borrowed an old pickup from his Dad, I rented a car and the first thing we did was go to town and buy a jumper cable to get his pickup started, we got about a mile from the airport and he ran out of gas, after we got gas we had to jump him a couple more times, so we lost a little time. about all we got done was check in to our hotel and get something to eat. The next day Saturday we stayed very busy training and then looking at potential sites, we did find one that will work and got some of those details out of the way–took all day. Sunday we went to Sacrament Mtg. then had some more training that afternoon. After training we were invited to a very humble home for some lunch, I always wonder when I’m eating with some of this people if I’m not eating the food that they would be eating for the next few days, but it would be a real slap in the face to not accept their invitation. Their tiny little home was so hot in the afternoon that I thought I was in a sauna, they are a great young couple just starting out in life and I predict will be very successful as time goes by, we had a nice meal and then took two people out to the airport who had come over from Culiacan to help with the training. When we got back to the hotel it was nice just to stop for a while and cool off. Its a lot warmer in La Paz than it is in Mexico City. Mexico City is better than 7400 ft elevation and really isn’t that hot, La Paz has some beautiful beaches and would be a fun place to spend some time, we also liked it because its not so crowded and much easier to drive in and a lot quieter. Monday we flew back to Mexico City, today (tuesday) we had to go to the area offices downtown for a couple meetings, we also picked up our own car today so be on alert for future events.

We are enjoying what we are doing, are learning a lot every day and hope to be able to get done all that needs to be done. We are happy about Jace’s graduation, and about Sam’s and Jace’s receiving the priesthood last Sunday, we haven’t forgot about Gracie’s birthday this coming Sunday. Karla we hope your doing well with the pregnancy. Sounds like Andy’s fam is about situated in their new home. We were saddened to learn of Ivel Burrell’s passing this past week.
We love you all very much and miss you, we pray for you each day. The gospel and its great plan of happiness is very important to us and pray that it is to all of you as well.

Love Mom and Dad




I am enclosing a testimony written by a young lady that attended a FSY, it has been translated to english.

Everything went on in my life normally and without anything out of the ordinary. One month before the activity CMEJ [FSY] I had no idea of what it was, and I only knew a little about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as my dad had told us that he was baptized but when he was 10 he stopped going to church.

Then one day we had a family activity in which most of my family was present, including my grandmother, three of my uncles, cousins, and two guests of one of my aunts; one of them was a guest named Martina. Everyone was visiting and playing games when suddenly Martina approached me and asked my age. I replied that I was 16 and she promptly extended to me an invitation to an activity called CMEJ [FSY], where, she said, I would meet many people my age with high standards; and from them I could learn many good things at the activity. I told her that I would go. But actually it was something I wanted to think about; and then with my daily activities of school, friends and home, I forgot about her invitation.

Then, one day, I was cleaning my room when I suddenly remembered the invitation and I felt that I should accept it. I went looking for Martina to ask about the activity that she had told me about the day of the family reunion and she responded with enthusiasm … oh! sure! It starts tomorrow and you can attend as a guest of my daughter. Martina was excited to know that her daughter with disabilities had found someone to take to the activity.

When I got to the activity I was afraid that I’d feel out of place and perhaps would not be accepted. But, to my surprise, they were all friendly and we got along well together. We cooperated, we shouted, and we talked; but what impressed me most was that I could learn for myself how to get a testimony of what we were experiencing; especially of Jesus Christ.

Now I know that He loves me and follows me every step of my life, which gives me the strength I needed as a young woman to make good decisions. Two weeks after CMEJ [FSY] I made the decision to be baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Some uncles, my family, my grandmother and many ward members and friends that I met in CMEJ [FSY] attended my baptism.

Because of making the decision to attend, I’m seeing miracles that make me happy: seeing my dad, after many years, return to the church and be ordained to the priesthood as a priest; my mom and my two sisters are listening to the missionaries; one of my sister will enter the waters of baptism next Sunday; I know my mom and my other sister will be baptized, too. Some of my uncles who attended my baptism were less active, but are now attending Church again.  It is my testimony that God listens to us and sends us the right people to help us to be happy in our lives.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Vanessa Margarita Mora Martínez, Tlajomulco Ward, Bugambilias Mexico Stake

4 thoughts on “First Run in With the Law

  1. Sometimes we have to make a few mistakes to learn (drivers license). Sounds as though you are super busy and loving every minute of it. I love to read your post, it reminds me when Matt was on his mission.
    We are all well here, enjoying the sunshine.
    Matt and Shelley had another baby a boy 10 lbs. and 4 oz and 21 in. long. Everyone is doing fine.
    We are thinking of you and the great work you are doing.
    Be safe and enjoy what the Lord is giving you.
    Sandy and Linda Mitchell

  2. Linda and Sandy, thank you so much for your comments on our blog, it’s means so much to here from you and from home, keep it up. Richard and Jane

  3. Oh I enjoyed your post- becareful with the law over there. I went up to Teton yesterday to the visitation and then burial for Aunt Maxine. It was nice and Verdell and Betty have a nice family. Elaine and Al came up- Colleen was there and Brenda and Ray came out to the cemetary so it was nice to see them. The weather here is lovely,breezy but you know how that gores. Just a few minutes ago it rained and hail so hard- it was pouring off the roof of house.Take care and lots of love Ruth

    Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2014 20:19:55 +0000 To:

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