June 11 working At A Fast Pace

Dear Family and Friends, We are happy to be happy, we hope this note finds all of you glad to be alive and working through and learning from individual problems. We all have them and they are and always will be part of life. We have been busy the last few days doing a lot of office type work and getting ready for a trip north, this will be the last training before the FSY sessions in July, we will be gone a couple days more than two weeks. I’ll paste a copy of our schedule, it would be interesting for you to pull out your map and follow along the route so you can see just how big of a trip this will be. Horario Sugerida: Lugar Fecha Hora Querétaro 12 de Junio Por la tarde Aguascalientes 13 de Junio Medio dia Guadalajara 14 de Junio Por la tarde (Sabado) Guadalajara Este 15 de Junio Por la tarde (Domingo) Culiacan 16 de Junio Por la tarde Cd. Obregon 17 de Junio Por la tarde Hermosillo 18 de Junio Por la tarde Cd. Juarez 19 de Junio Por la tarde Chihuahua 20 de Junio Por la tarde Torreon(Durango) 22 de Junio Por la tarde (Domingo) Saltillo 23 de Junio Por la tarde Monterrey Oeste 24 de Junio Por la tarde Monterrey Este 25 de Junio Por la tarde Reynosa 26 de Junio Por la tarde Tampico 27 de Junio Por la tarde En espero de nuestro visita mandamos un saludo cordial.   Elder y Hermana Pocock This is part of the email we sent out to those we will be visiting so they know when we will be in their city, the trip will take us through a large part of Mexico from Mexico City to the border of the US. Since we will be on the road we may not have opportunity to post to the blog until the end of the month. Thursday we had our monthly meeting with the area presidency and then we had a fellow give us a more detailed lesson on Skype, we may start doing some of our training via Skype to cut down on some travel and expense. Saturday we finished up our work around noon and decided to do something new—the following is what I wrote in my calendar journal; Today we got all our work done by noon and decided to do something new. We took a small bus to the subway station and then after taking a series of trains we arrived at the Zocalo which is the center of town and also the center of government. There are many cathedrals and very large buildings. Many years ago the Catholic Church built huge cathedrals on top of some old ruins, there are some glass windows looking down showing parts of the ruins. This part of town is also an ancient river bed so many of the huge buildings are settling so nothing looks straight. There is a lot going on there, many people, lots of business. We had lunch and then headed back to the subway to start the journey home. It wasn’t near as hard getting back, we had the system figured out. On the way home it started to rain, boy can it rain here, we are just starting into the rainy season. We took some interesting pictures we’ll try to post. image This is a large Cathedral at the Zocalo, its built on an old river bed and has settled a lot, its easy to see crooked and uneven walls, I don’t know how the buildings stay standing. image image This is the fine arts building at the Zocalo. This is Janie—The trip to the center of Mexico City was very interesting. Huge buildings all around, it kind of reminded me of NYC, in some areas. We got stopped a couple of times by high school students who wanted to film us while they interviewed us for their high school project. They had to do this is English, so we were more then happy to help them out, especially when they asked us what we were doing here in Mexico. We told them we were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and that we were missionaries working with the youth in FSY and more. Sunday we had Church here in the visitors center and it was in English. There were times I had to bite down on my tongue or in side my cheek because I was understanding everything and it was just so beautiful it made me what to cry. In our ward here in Mexico, I don’t come away with a lot that I’ve learned, I can pick up a few words here and there but not a lot yet. After our meeting Richard and I went into a room to take pictures of the christus and while there, we meet a missionary who’s grand parents are Jerry and Linda Jex from Sugar City. The other day we were coming back from Walmart with groceries and 4 water containers. Each one is 5 gals, and we have to climb 63 steps. We live on the 4th floor. Two young missionaries came by, right when we were unloading from our car, so they helped us out. Each one carried two containers up for us and while I was handing out treats, we all started talking. The tall blond one is Kyle Evert from California, and his grandparents are Betty and Ralph Madsen from Salem. We know his grandparents really well. Sometimes this is a small world. We love it!!!! I try to spend at least 3 hours studying spanish some days it can be 5 if we are not busy. Once I get going with some of these computers programs it’s fun and I want to get everything right. I broke my baby toe about 2 weeks ago and Its just starting to feel a little better. Its been hard because I couldn’t wear a lot of my shoes. I found a couple of sandals that work great because the sandal don’t lay on top of the baby toe. Now, if the swelling would just go away, but I hear that can take awhile. Thank goodness or sandals!!!   Elder Jex, Linda and Jerry’s grandson image Elder Kyle Evert, Betty and Ralph Madsen’s grandson


3 thoughts on “June 11 working At A Fast Pace

  1. Sounds as if you are having a great time. Sometimes we have to take the good with the not so good. I’m anxious to hear about the conference. Toni and I were talking the other day about having to be in charge of 40,000 kids. That gives me a headache. The wind is blowing really hard here today. Our Granddaughter (Tamie’s daughter) will be finding out tomorrow if she won the queen contest for the State rodeo tomorrow. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
    Lisa and I have been going to the temple once a week and that is such a great experience.
    You guys hang in there. We are thinking of you.
    Have a great trip.
    Sandy and Linda M.

  2. enjoyed the post. I pray for you Jane in learning a new language. That must be so hard. Boy you are really traveling lots. everyone seems to be o.k. here. Be careful and love Ruth

    Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2014 20:04:45 +0000 To: ruthwillmore@hotmail.com

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