June 29th – July 13th Preparation

Dear Family and Friends,

We are so glad that we have the opportunity to talk to our family often by telephone(senior missionaries are different than young missionaries, we can call whenever we want). Telephone calls and face-time calls are a life-saver when your away from family and loved ones. We are always glad to hear of your activities and progress, its been fun to participate in Sam’s, Gracie’s and Sloan’s birthdays and Jace opening his mission call via face time. We’ve also loved the pictures of Andy’s family and their new surroundings in Washington State, looks like a beautiful area, besides that Andy and Garren went to a Seattle Mariners game. Keep the news and events coming, with the internet and telephone we are very close.
The last two weeks in Mexico have been a little more calmed down, we have been involved in making sure all the materials needed for the FSY conferences were delivered on time and to the right place. Its a big job with more than 30000 kids registered for these events. We have made numerous trips out to El Guarda a beautiful church camp where we have a warehouse for all the tents and cots etc. The church has around 4000 cots, 500 tents, two way radios, megaphones, blankets and everything else that is needed to have events of this scale. A trucking company called Tramusa is contracted to deliver the supplies and then pick them up after the conferences, its a huge undertaking. I think everything is in order, the first of the conferences start this week with the bulk of them the weeks of the 21st and 28th of July.

Ware house storing equipment and being sorted and loaded onto trucks for delivery.

FSY Warehouse

FSY Warehouse

FSY Warehouse

FSY Warehouse

This is a huge tent that will be used for three weeks of FSY, at one of the camps and then will be taken down. This tent is about 160X80 ft.

FSY Tent

FSY Tent

Part of the camp ground at El Guarda south of Mexico City

El Guarda Camp Grounds

El Guarda Camp Grounds

In the last two weeks we have finished up our Session Director trainings, we met with the directors of the Mexico City North Mission and had a great couple hours with them, The Guijarros, great leaders, very intelligent and fun to be around. We took one day and went down town to the drivers license division and I got a Mexican Drivers license. It was interesting, I needed to prove my citizenship and my legal status to be in Mexico and then pay 388 pesos. I was never asked if I had a US license or if I had ever even driven a car before. My US license makes me legal to drive here but everyone tells me its better to have Mexico license so I’ve got it. We also had a session of more computer training on how to report use of our church credit card and expense reporting. It appears that Janie’s toe is healing and getting better, still a little swollen but not as sore as it was. We were saddened to learn of Shirley Anderson’s passing, we love her and Steve and would like to be there to give him a hug right now, he is in our prayers.
We are leaving this week and will be on the road for more than two weeks attending conferences, I wish we could attend them all but there will be better than 65 in the next 3 weeks so we will get to what we can. We will spend a lot of time in Monterrey and travel to conferences from there. The Smith’s are doing the same thing traveling in the south, so between the two couples we will get to quite a few. Our mission is quite different than a lot of missions, I had no idea we would be called to do what we are doing, but the work is very meaningful. Please know that we believe in what we are doing and find satisfaction in our varied activities. The gospel is true, our Heavenly Father loves us and knows us and we are very blessed when we follow his teachings and plan. We can have a peace in our lives that far exceeds the simple definition of peace, even with the challenges that life can through at us. We’re very excited for Jace as he finishes his preparations to leave for his mission to England next month. We pray that this note finds you all well and happy and we are so thankful for a great family and great friends. Our next blog will have news of the FSY conferences, should be fun.

Love Mom and Dad, Richard and Janie

ps…Flint, Benson and Sam—Have a great time at Scout camp this next week!!

3 thoughts on “June 29th – July 13th Preparation

  1. Hi Richard and Jane your mission sounds busy and very interesting. Lots of travel. Things are going well here. Maxine and Diana’s services were nice- it was pretty shocking for both of them to go so fast. Rachel, my granddaughter, Kevin.s oldest was married July 5th. All of my family as here from Thurs. to Sunday so besides wedding we had a reunion. Now this week Ann is having the mesh she had put in long ago out in the morning and then Tues. Sue is having a Hysterectomy. Ben and Kim,s son Blake is leaving for wyoming on Sunday to work for the Hal Burton Company in the oil field- They are all different but I love them. I visit with Colleen often and she seems good and busy- got an invite to Shawn and Patrice son Brock wedding. Stay safe and I pray for all you are doing. P.S. Clay Graham called told me there is a group o people from Tenneesee in Righb who are starting a churchFaith Baptist- he has visited with a man and he thinks Sunday he will go and attend the church and do some missionary work- go figure!!!!!Love to you Ruth

    Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2014 00:36:16 +0000 To: ruthwillmore@hotmail.com

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