First Conference

July 13, 2014

Our dear Family and Friends,

Just a quick update of our blog to tell and show what we have been doing this week.. A quick note for you kids that are learning to play the piano, last week in church we looked up at the piano during the opening song and a little boy was playing the piano, then when we closed the meeting his younger sister got up and accompanied the closing song. They were 10 and 8 years old and blessed the meeting greatly by their talent. They are part of a family that just moved into the ward we go to in Mexico City. So moral of story to you kids that are learning and practicing—stick with it, you’ll have many opportunities to use it in your lives (even if your not having fun right now).

We are in Monterrey today and have been most of the week and will be for most of the next two weeks. We attended the Tampico mission FSY conference this week held at camp Sion about an hour south of Monterrey, up in the mountains—a beautiful place. The session directors are the Robledos, great people, they and their staff put together a wonderful program for 688 young people, with everyone that participated there were around 800 people involved. The area is very mountainous and almost tropical, it was a little hot and humid, on Friday afternoon it rained quite hard and cooled it off but it was very humid on Saturday. It took 21 big buses to get everyone there and haul them home. The objective of the FSY conferences is to teach good values and let the kids know that there are a lot of other young people that are living the same values. Studying and applying the gospel is a large part of the program, testimonies are strengthened and all this in an attitude of having fun and socializing with kids from other towns and stakes. Brother Robledo dressed up like Captain Moroni and taught the virtues of the Sons of Helaman, I’ll attach a picture of the good captain. One afternoon a bunch of kids with guitars surrounded us, sat us down on chairs and serenaded us, they had fun, we had fun.

This week we will attend the Torreon Mission conference at Camp Sion and also go to Reynosa for a day and to Saltillo for a day to their conferences.


Captain Moroni teaching the kids

Kids going to and from activities at Camp Sion–Mission Tampico


Inside the large events tent

Two old people being serenaded by the kids

Kids loading up on buses to go home, Saturday morning


Beautiful Monterrey Temple

This has been a special conference for me since I spent a lot of time in the Tampico area and in Monterrey on my first mission, its impossible to imagine the growth and development of the church since I was last here. Well I won’t ramble on further, we will send an update next sunday after this coming weeks conferences. Please know we are happy and enjoying what we are doing even though we miss all of you.

Saludos y Amor
Mom and Dad, Richard and Jane

This is jamie, i will post more picture on my Facebook and hopefully lisa can add it to our blog.

One thought on “First Conference

  1. Dear Richard and Janie, What a beautiful country in your pictures. I know not everywhere in Mexico is so lush and beautiful. The work sounds so rewarding – and busy. You are in my prayers along with all of our Pocock missionaries. My oldest granddaughter, Beth, is leaving on her mission in Sept. She has been called to the LA Temple Visiting Center. She is very excited to be going and it has been fun helping her to get prepared. We had a Pocock Cousins dinner here last month for all the locals. We had 13 that came. I wish we could do this twice a year with all of us together. How blessed we are with a good family. Stay healthy and happy. Love to you both. Mary Ellen

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