Monterrey July 21 – 27th

Dear Fam. and Friends,

Quick update to our Blog covering the week 7-21 to 7-27.  We are still in Monterrey, this week we were at the conference of the Torreon Mission at camp Sion on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  On Wednesday we drove over to Saltillo and attended the conference up there (its only about an hour north of Monterrey). The conferences are going very well and a lot of good things are happening.  In Saltillo we had opportunity to interact with two young people in an activity were they taught us a principle of the gospel and then we taught them the same principle in our way.  These two kids were really sharp, after we finished the activity we found out that the young man who taught us is not yet a member of the church, he is investigating and heading in a great direction.  At the end of another activity the counselor asked for a volunteer to offer the closing prayer and another young man who is not a member stood up and offered a great prayer, lots of great things happen at these conferences.  The Torreon conference was a huge event, about 800 people in all.  It was so well organized, the session directors ( The Valenzuelas) are some of the most dynamic people I have ever been around, if Brother Valenzuela does not end up being a General Authority in the future I will be very surprised.  On Thursday night the music program was so well done, it was very powerful, at the end there were many tears in eyes and some very deep feelings.  Its a real blessing for us to be able to rub shoulders with the type of people we work with, learn from them and help in any little way we can.

Brother and Sister Valenzuela

Brother and Sister Valenzuela

Classes being taught

Classes being taught


The two kids that taught us in Saltillo

The two kids that taught us in Saltillo

The Blancos from Saltillo

The Blancos from Saltillo

Well thats another week, we have had a great week in the Monterrey area (this is really a neat city).  We will be here another week attending conferences in Monterrey and Reynosa.  This week we missed Lisa’s, Tanner’s and Bensons birthday’s.  We enjoyed talking to everyone on their b day and we received a couple great emails from a couple of you, there is something very special about the written word, I guess you can always go back and re read it.  Keep them coming.

This is Janie—–This week went by really fast.  We have been really busy with these conferences, and have enjoyed meeting all these young kids and counselors.  Last week we were at the same camp site–Camp Sion and the Tampico Mission attended.  On their last day of their conference, I was so amazed on how the spirit filled this huge tent and the love we felt from everyone who attend.   Well, we felt it again with Torreón.    After Torreóns fireside,  I was taking some pictures, when I had a couple of kids who came up to me and wanted to talk to me in English, before I knew it there was a number of kids wanting to talk in English.  They helped me with my Spanish and I helped them with their English.  Many kids here go to a bilingual school.  They say 1/2 of their classes are in Spanish and 1/2 are in English.

While at the Torreón conference I did find out that they found a huge tarantula just climbing up a wall of one of the cabins.   I was really glad we were staying in a hotel !   Spiders are not my thing.  Before these conferences they spray for bugs, snakes and spiders.  I guess this one over came the spray. ugh!

Wednesday was a cooler day, because we drove down to Saltillo and its a stay at home conference and its held in a stake center where its air conditioned.  iIts HOT here in Monterrey in July.  In Saltillo I had two kids who found out that I was on Facebook and now we are friends, they asked and I confirmed.  All these session directors that are over their conferences are the cream of the crop.  Once you meet them you know why they were picked.  Its been great training them and getting to know them.

We love you and pray daily for your welfare.

Mom and Dad, Jane and Richard

3 thoughts on “Monterrey July 21 – 27th

  1. I’m so glad that you are enjoying your mission. It sounds as though the conferences are going well. It still amazes me the amount of kids that you are in charge of. With the Lord’s help you can do anything. Keep up the good work and we’ll do the same here. Miss you guys.
    Sandy and Linda Mitchell.

    • Dear Ruth Thanks for responding to our blog, yes you are doing it just right, keep the notes coming its so nice to hear from home. How was your family reunion?

      Sent from my iPhone Richard L. Pocock


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