2014 Summer FSY Conferences Successful

July 27th – August 3rd

Dear Family and Friends,

The FSY conferences are over and we have lots of memories of wonderful people who worked so hard to make them happen, we have lots of memories of wonderful young kids who are happy and clean and are looking to a great future.  They have made personal commitments to live good lives and help others, they have made gospel commitments to serve and be faithful and keep commandments of our Heavenly Father.  You can truly see a special light in their eyes and a special glow in their faces.  Today in our Sacrament Mtg. every kid that attended FSY stood and shared feelings they had felt and blessings they had received, it was really a neat mtg. because all of them have had challenges and learned from them.  Some of the counselors that attended FSY also shared their testimony.

We are back in Mexico City and not living out of a suit case.  Last Monday we drove to Reynosa, across the border from McAllen Texas and attended the conference there (the session directors there are the Ochoa’s and she is extremely pregnant, we need to call them tonight to see if they have their baby boy yet).  We drove back to Monterrey Monday night so we could attend all the Monterrey conferences the rest of the week.  Tuesday we are at Apodaca and Mitras, Wednesday we were at Angeles and Anahuac and Thursday we were at Valle Verde.  All the conferences were very impressive and of much value for all involved.

Thursday afternoon we drove part way back to Mexico City, we stayed in San Luis Potosi, the drive from Monterrey to San Luis Potosi and then on to Mexico City is beautiful, its a mountainous drive with lots of scenery.  Monterrey is a city in the mountains, I think it’s my favorite city–a little hot but a beautiful place. All in all we have had a great 2 or 3 weeks attending FSY conferences, we truly feel the spirit of the conferences and of divine influence in young peoples lives as they open their heart to feeling and learning.  And with all that the kids had a lot of fun, they had musical programs, variety shows dances, lots of good food and lots of making new friends.  It’s our good fortune and blessing to be a tiny small part in support of this effort.

We truly love the emails, pictures and all the support we receive from family and friends, we love to keep up on whats going on in your lives.  We are very anxious for Jace as he leaves for his Mission to London, England in just a few days, we pray for him and his family as they make this great family adjustment.  He will be a tremendous Missionary.

Well time to sign off, we love you all and your in our daily prayers–The gospel is true!!     Mom & Dad—Jane and Richard

Mom’s Facebook Entry – August 4th   Monday, all conferences are over with, but the work is never finished. We all drove up to camp Guarda this morning around 10 am to check on everything that’s being stored there and found a little over 150 tents packed up wet. Something that couldn’t be helped. They all had to pack up and leave on time for the tour buses. Mother Nature can be unpredictable at times. We unpacked about 25, and laid out some inside and some outside. This took us till 5 pm. WOW! What a job. HURRAY ! We are getting about 8-9 women to come and help us tomorrow, to unpack, dry and roll up tents again. When we finished tonight we all hurt plus we all felt like we were at least 95 years old. It’s a good tired though. We will all sleep good tonight.

Los Ochoa--Reynosa

Los Ochoa–Reynosa


Eating area in Reynosa

Eating area in Reynosa

Mitras Conf.  Monterrey

Mitras Conf. Monterrey

Valle Verde Conf. Monterrey

Valle Verde Conf. Monterrey

Directors and Logistics staff at Mitras

Directors and Logistics staff at Mitras

Los Lopez-Monterrey East Mission

Los Lopez-Monterrey East Mission

Anahuac Dance Practice-Monterrey

Anahuac Dance Practice-Monterrey

Now this is a cactus! Mexico City to San Luis Potosi

Now this is a cactus! Mexico City to San Luis Potosi

2 thoughts on “2014 Summer FSY Conferences Successful

  1. I’m so glad that the conferences went the way you wanted them to go. I’m sure the kids gained a greater love for the gospel. It will be nice to not be living out of a suitcase.
    The weather has been rainy here the last few days. It is not good for the hay that is down or the grain that is ready to be cut. I’m glad you are having a great time.
    We think of you often.
    Love Sandy and Linda

  2. enjoyed your post- you have been busy. colleen and I went to brock walters sealing in idaho falls. rexburg is closed for cleaning. my fingers are lazy and they do not want to do capitals. be safe and keep up the good work. love ruth

    Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2014 03:25:29 +0000 To: ruthwillmore@hotmail.com

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