Querida familia y Buenos Amigos (Dear Family and Good Friends),

This is Sunday afternoon–Aug. 17,2014.  Its a pretty day in Mexico City, not to cold-not to hot, typical of this city.  Almost every night it rains but is nice during the day.  As we follow the news from Idaho it sounds like you’ve received your share of rain the last while–hope the crops are doing ok.  I didn’t stay to all meetings at church today, yesterday I ate some Pollo en Mole Poblano and either it didn’t set just right or there was something wrong with it so I haven’t ventured very far from the house today, but I think its about over with.

Its hard to think we have been back here for two weeks since our last trip, I guess when your busy time flies.  The first three days after we got back from Monterrey-Aug 4-5-6-we worked like dogs at the church camp and warehouse south of the city about an hour(El Guarda). One of the missions in Southern Mexico–Tuxtla Gutierrez- had to send all their tents back wet, it had rained a lot the day they were leaving and there was nothing they could do.  We saw the condition of the tents as they were being unloaded at the warehouse a knew we had a major problem, 180 wet tent problem.  We worked all day Monday and then on Tues and Wed we hired some local people in the little village nearby to help us.  By the time we left Wed evening things were looking better and the locals were going to stay and finish up.

Drying tents for repackaging

Drying tents for repackaging

IMG_1754 Re-folding tents,  The tents we have are the Coleman 8 man tents.  Good tents but have light zippers and are sure not like the spring bar tents we have in the ward, many of these tent come back damaged.

Refolding tents

Refolding tent

On Thursday the 7th we had our first mtg. with the new Area Presidency.  The Presidency for the Mexico Area, which is the whole country, are President (Elder De Hoyos), 1st counselor (Elder Valenzuela) and 2nd counselor (Elder Pieper).  We had few conference reports back from Session Directors so we reported on what we new.  They gave us some council and then gave us a list of things we needed to check out and then come back with suggestions to them for the 2015 FSY conferences.  On Friday the 8th we went back to the Area Office for training and a demonstration of WEBEX, a Cisco system the church uses to have large meetings over the internet, you can have up to 500 different connections at a time.  It looks like a tool we will use to help train and cut down on expense and travel.  Then on Saturday we went with the Smith’s back down town and took Daisey, Elder De Hoyo’s personal secretary to dinner and a movie.  The Smith’s became very good friends with her on their first mission.  There is a PF Chang’s down town, boy did we have a good meal.  We also called Kaydra to wish her happy birthday.  Sunday was Jace’s farewell, Lisa was able to record his and Jessica’s talk during Sacrament mtg. and sent us the audio file, they both did a great job, Jace will be a great missionary, then on Tues. night after Jace was set apart we were able to face time with them and Jace told us about his setting apart as a missionary.  It was great to be able to wish him well the night before he left for England.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (11,12,13) were spent in the office compiling conference reports as they were emailed to us and reviewing a training video from SLC.  On Thursday us and the Smith’s decided to break the monotony of the office, we road a bus to the subway and then took the subway to the Ciudadela, huge market with things made from different parts of Mexico.  We bought a nice hammock to take home.  On Friday we were invited to the Area Office for a meeting with Brother Ridd of the General Young Men’s Presidency.  Attending the meeting were the Presidency, the Area Seventies and us (we were invited because of our callings working with the youth of the church), it was a good meeting. By the time you fight the traffic to the Area Office from were we live, attend a meeting, have some lunch and then drive back to our apartment by the temple it takes the better part of a day. Yesterday was a day of diversion, us the Smith’s and five other couples that work at the area office went on a field trip to an old convent-now an art gallery and in the same area we went to an artisan festival near a beautiful park and looked at a lot of artsey stuff, it was a good day to see the culture and get acquainted with the other couples serving missions in the area, this is also were I ate the Mole Poblano in question.

Old Convent and Church

Old Convent and Church

IMG_0538 Nun at the convent, whoops this is Janie.  Actual mummies encased inside the convent

Janie at a convent

Janie at a convent

Nun encased inside the convent

Nun encased inside the convent

Well this pretty well gets us up to date.  We are well and enjoying what we’re doing please remember and know of our love for you all.  We are very interested in knowing of your activities–keep us informed–good luck to Jessica as she had varsity volley ball try outs this last week.  Good luck to all the kids as they get back to school soon.  I’ll give the computer to Janie for her additions.

From Jane:  Well, it looks like Richard wrote all that was needed.  I have been studying my spanish a lot more.  It helps when we don’t have to run to different places.  I found out how to crochet a hat, so when I’m not studying spanish or adding FSY  data into the computer i get to crochet.  if it turns out looking like a hat i will post it on Facebook.

We love you have a great week!!!

Mom and Dad, Jane and Richard

One thought on “Querida familia y Buenos Amigos (Dear Family and Good Friends),

  1. Love all the pictures. You both look well and happy. Beautiful country to be in. Thank you for the service you give there. I have had a wet tent before – drying is critical to be able to use it again. Sure looks like fun. Salt Lake has been warm, but not usually too hot for long. Looking forward to a long Fall. My first grandchild will be heading out for her mission in California in the LA Temple Visitor Center. She is excited. She will be in Dan”s missionary area. It is comforting to know they are close and available if needed. The good work goes on! Stay well and enjoy this journey. Love to you both, Mary Ellen

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