Getting to Golf

Our Dear Family and Friends,

It’s hard to believe that a couple of weeks have gone by since we made an update to our mission blog. Time seems to be going fast and then I think, we have only been on our mission for 4 months and it doesn’t seem that fast. There have been so many experiences and things we have learned and ground that we have covered, it seems like we have been here for many months. We are settled into our calling, our apartment and our way of life and think we see the vision of the whole thing. Its a real blessing for us to be here doing what we are doing and as we serve, our testimonies are growing and we are feeling the blessings of service.
We hope this note finds you all well and happy. We are so proud of all of you, what a blessing it is to be part of this family and have such good friends. Chad keeps us up to date on the crops in the valley, we are sorry to hear of the loss in the hay and small grains due to the rain we have had, hopefully things will dry up so harvest can continue. It would be nice to see a big nice russet potato, the potatoes we eat here are little white things they call potatoes, but they don’t taste to bad. This last while we have celebrated Jace’s and Theresa’s birthday’s and Jess was selected again to play on the varsity volleyball team, congratulations to all three of you. We are also glad that Mia and Sam were able to visit with Sloan in SLC when Lisa went down to see Jared and Karla.


Sam, Mia and Sloan (Pretty cute kids)

The 18th of August was Elder Smith’s birthday, we went to a great restaurant called Parilla Danesa and had a great Mexican meal of Alambres and Tacos Arrachera. On Tuesday the 19th we were invited to go golfing with two people we became acquainted with in the negotiations of finding places to hold some our youth conferences. Mauricio and Margarito took us to a beautiful club owned by the same people that we did business with in the conferences, they treated us like royalty to a round of golf and lunch. We had a great time (you know what they say about all work and no play).

Mauricio, Margarito, Dave & Richard at Coral Club

Mauricio, Margarito, Dave & Richard at Coral Club

Lunch at the Coral Club

Lunch at the Coral Club

Janie with her caddie

Janie with her caddie

Richard getting instructions from his caddie

Richard getting instructions from his caddie

photo 1 copyphoto 1photo 3 copy
The rest of the week was spent working reports in the office, we are receiving reports from 17 large-away-from-home conferences and 70 stay-at-home conferences and then we compile into our own usable report forms, takes a lot of time.  On Monday the 25th we had a webex type meeting with people from Salt Lake City regarding a new registration tool (web site) that the church has developed to be used worldwide in registering and planning conferences.  We have a lot to don to get comfortable with the website and then be able to teach it to all our season directors.  Tuesday we met with Brother and Sister Moya who have worked a lot in the EFY/FSY programs in the past, we met with them to get input from them on what they see needs to be trained and or changed. Very nice people we learned a lot from them. Wednesday we went to the Area Office for a meeting on use of Church cars, we also met with church publishing dept. and asked for help in our trainings.
They are going to produce videos to help us train on the new registration program and hopefully simplify and speed up understanding of the new program on a ward, stake and mission basis. The next two days back in the office except for Friday evening. Friday evening we drove to the Mission Training center (about 45 minutes away) to watch BYU’s first football game with some of the Senior Couples that work over there, they can get it over there were we cannot at our apartment.—Yes Kevin Miyasaki, I drove that far to see a BYU game, I am slowly coming out of the closet—however can’t wait for the Oct. 3 game with USU. We had an enjoyable time and met some more nice people(they are everywhere). An interesting note, we talked to the Doctor for the Missionary Training Center at the game, he said they were just getting over a Nora Virus outbreak (similar to what they have on cruise ships) but it is now about over. They have had nearly a thousand missionaries at the center, seems to happen when there are large numbers of people in confined areas. Bye the way BYU beat Ucon 35-10.
Well its Sunday evening, a very good rain storm just got over and everything is fresh. The more we are here in Mexico City the more we are liking it, there are some beautiful things here and the people are very welcoming and loving. I read this morning in 2 Nephi 25: 23,26 some good sound doctrine that I would hope all my family is very comfortable with. Without the atonement of Christ I’m not sure where we would be or why we do the things we do, we have so much hope in the gospel. We do the best we can and then have faith that the atonement fills in the gaps for our failings—I know this to be true. Hope your all well and happy, keep us informed on what your doing and thinking.

All is well here, south of the Border, We Love You All
Mom and Dad
Grandma and Grandpa
Jane and Richard

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