Mid September – Wow

Queridos Amigos y Familia,

Quick note tonight to let you know we are alive and well and enjoying what we are doing.  Time seems to be going by quickly, we are definitely in a slow season as we are still doing reports and making plans for the 2015 FSY conferences.  Our training trips will start very soon and we are trying to put together plans based on what we get form SLC as far as theme and material.  It sounds like our new Area Presidency has some big changes in mind for this next year. We have a meeting  with them later this week, we’ll keep you updated.  If you want to feel and see what the FSY is all about go to you-tube and pull up the 2014 FSY  Mision Guadalajara Mexico video and watch it through.  The young man that did this is very professional and it tells a great story FSY 2014 MISIÓN GUADALAJARA MÉXICO

The 16th of September is the Mexican Independence day and its a big deal down here.  A lot of people have the next 2 days off work giving them a 4 day holiday, I’m guessing it will be a bad time to be on the road.  The people of Mexico are very patriotic, Friday night we had a ward party with a program and lots of good food and dancing.  Part of the program included dances typical of Mexico and Mexico past, I will attach some pictures.  Also part of the program was a flag ceremony and singing the national anthem—everyone sang the national anthem, even the little kids know it and they sang with all their heart.  After we ate they started to dance, boy do the Mexican people like to dance and their very good dancers.  We had fun, ate great food, didn’t get sick, it was fun.


Brad and Tammy Egbert’s Nephew serving here in the Mexico East Mission


Flor and Barbarita Varela

Ward Party Pictures

DSC00433 DSC00438 DSC00455 DSC00473

Well, its late Sunday night I’d better wrap it up, Lisa and family just called tonight and we had a good visit with them.  Please never forget of our love for each on of you and we are so appreciative of everything you are doing for us.  We know we are loved by Heavenly parents who are concerned for us, as all parents are, and are hoping we make good choices here on earth.  We know our Savior’s atonement is real and we are so blessed by it in so many ways.

Love Mom and Dad,  Richard and Jane

2 thoughts on “Mid September – Wow

  1. Looks as if you are having a great time. I can’t wait to have to you come and tell all of your stories and the experiences that you have had. The time is going by fast and you will be home before we know it. I need to get your address down there. I’ve got to get Lisa called to get it from her. The weather has been pretty nice here lately and I’m sure the farmers are liking that.
    We are thinking of you. We will keep you in our prayers.
    Sandy and Linda

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