Queridos Familia y Amigos

Greetings from Mexico!

We are still here and doing well.  we are very anxious for our meeting tomorrow with the Area Presidency to receive their instruction for our program for the 2015 year, we will have new instruction, new life and will be very busy by tomorrow night. We hope this letter finds all of you well and happy and we are so happy for the great things that have happened the last couple weeks.

Since our last writing we took an two day trip from Mexico City to Veracruz, its a 5-6 hour drive.  We attended a temple session in the Veracruz temple in the late afternoon, went out to eat and then attended another session the next morning and then drove back to Mexico City.  It was a great trip with good company (the Smith’s), new scenery, visit to a new city and a visit to a beautiful temple.  Veracruz is right on the coast and is quite a pretty place, We were very impressed with what we saw.  It is a large port city and what we saw was quite modern.  Dave was driving and got a traffic ticket on the way out of the city, his third in less than a year.

Veracruz, Mexico Temple

Veracruz, Mexico Temple

Beach at Veracruz

Beach at Veracruz

We throughly enjoyed watching General Conference, we had great reception on our computer.  What great council and teaching took place that weekend, the older I get the better I like General Conference.  There were so many great talks I truly don’t know which were my favorites.  The week before conference Chad’s family went to Disneyland and were able to attend some of conference in SLC on their way home.  Brittany was selected to participate in the Rexburg community Christmas play.  Also Benson was chosen Freshman King at IF’s homecoming—congrats Benson.  Theresa and Kaydra also spent a few days in Disneyland with Theresa’s sister and daughter.  Sounds as though Jace is doing very well on his mission in England, we love to read his letters.  Our family is truly being blessed and is doing so well and seems to be on the move.

The biggest blessing of this time period is the blessing of a new little baby boy born Oct. 11, 2014 to Jared and Karla.  Sloan now has a baby brother–Jacob Ray and we are so happy for them.  Jared is proud as a peacock, we get a couple pictures every day and hope they keep coming.  Jacob was born a few weeks early but is healthy and doing good, so is Mom.  Great looking kids.

Jacob Ray Pocock

Jacob Ray Pocock


Jacob and Sloan

Monday night we went to a special family home evening held at the Area Office for the Senior Missionaries that serve in the area.  Elder Pieper and his wife taught the lesson.  They taught of some of their experiences when they lived in Russia.  Sister Pieper said, when they got to Mexico they went through culture shock because the Mexican people are always hugging and kissing each other–this kind of stuff never happens in Russia.  Elder Pieper taught of numerous experiences he had and witnessed in the truly divine intervention in the opening of Russia to the church and to teaching the gospel.  He told us to do our jobs and the best we can, and not to worry about other stuff because God is in control and will lead us along.  He talked about the hastening of the work and said, that there would be many changes that we will see to speed it along.  Elder Pieper is the 2nd counselor in the Mexico Area Presidency.  Well I’m going to sign off tonight (wednesday night) I’ll finish up tomorrow night after our meeting to let you know how our program may be changing.

These are two of the office missionaries from the East Mission Office right below our apartment, Elders Hicks and Shilig.  We have adopted them,  they will both likely be playing football for BYU when they get home, Elder Hicks (the big one) has a full ride scholarship and Elder Shilig is going to walk on, he has scholarships at two other universities but wants to play at BYU (I couldn’t talk either one of them into USU).  We bought them a crock pot and they gave Janie some Doterra oil.


Elder’s Shilig and Hicks, in front of PF Chang’s

Just got home from area meeting, we have received approval of the program we proposed for 2015 and can now get started, we have plenty to do and it will be fun.  Later tonight I am going to try to find internet connection fast enough to tune into the live stream of Jessica’s volleyball game, it will be fun to see her play.

Love you all and be happy,

Mom & Dad, Richard & Jane

One thought on “Queridos Familia y Amigos

  1. I’m so glad you are getting see some of the country. What a cute baby, tell Jared congratulations. Talked to Lisa the other day, it was good to visit with her. Sounds as though you will be plenty busy in the next few months. Keep up the good work, and yes you are being blessed.
    We are doing fine here. Spuds harvest is just about over with. The weather has been beautiful and I’m so glad.
    Have a good week and know we are saying a prayer for you.
    Sandy and Linda

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