Happy Halloween from Mexico Oct. 17 – Nov. 3

Muy muy buenos dias a todos (very good morning to everyone),

Its time for an update from Mexico, we are well and we are happy doing what we are doing.  We hope and pray that all of you are well and enjoying life.  Time seems to be going by very rapidly, Sunday seems to come around quicker and quicker. Its almost like we have about 3 Sunday’s per week (we must be having fun).

Since our last letter we have been busy. We received instruction and approval from the Area Presidency for our program for 2015, so we have had numerous meetings with everyone from the legal dept. to the finance dept.  We have also met with the web master who is making changes on the registration web page for the upcoming year. Also we have met with the publishing people as they are working on the new FSY manual.  I have been working on power point presentations that we will be able to use through out the year in our different training meetings.  Janie has worked on pictures that will go onto the web site and also a disk that all the kids receive.  She still spends a number of hours everyday studying Spanish, she is very dedicated and determined.  We have a training mtg. scheduled with people from the 10 missions that are either in or around Mexico City on the 15 of November.  We will train for 2 hours in the morning–feed them lunch–and then train for a couple more hours and send them home.  After the Mexico City training we will hit the road, we will head north and the Smith’s will head south.  Where it fits geographically we will have group meetings similar to the one here but where if it doesn’t fit we will have individual meetings, so the last part of November and the first part of December will go by fast as we will be traveling.

We tried to watch our home Stake Conference over the internet last week but they had technical problems and we had great video but no audio, it was a least fun seeing familiar faces from home.  We have been asked to teach the marriage and family relations class here in our ward.  We will have our first class next Sunday afternoon at 4:30,  we really love the people here in our ward, its just about like any other ward in the church–good people.  There are about 25 Sister Missionaries that live here on the block and work at the visitors center at least part of the day, Halloween night they were all painted up in their costumes and and came trick or treating to our apartment.

Sister Missionaries  Halloween 2014   Mexico City

Sister Missionaries Halloween 2014
Mexico City

This last week on one of our trips to the Area Office we stopped at Costco for lunch, just to show you I still have a sense of humor and am living on the edge I’ll show you what I had for lunch.  , We also went to a little American store, the Missionaries told us about, we got red and brown licorice and some pudding. We can find almost everything down here but there are a few items like licorice you can’t find.  The guy at the store said he was going to get some brown sugar soon which Janie will enjoy for baking.

Costco Lunch

Costco Lunch

Costco lunch, hot dog, with catsup and mustard, lots of onions and green peppers—pushed down with a yogurt desert with strawberry’s on it.   Hard to beat!!!

We try to get together on Monday night with the Smith’s for FHE, two weeks ago two of the office missionaries came also Elder Hicks and Elder Shilig.  We also had our flu shots the other day as the Mission strongly suggested that we get them, while we were waiting to get the shot we met Elder Walker (Rollie Walker’s son) from Idaho Falls.

Elder's Shilig and Hicks

Elder’s Shilig and Hicks

Elder Walker from Idaho Falls

Elder Walker from Idaho Falls

The last couple weeks have been busy for our family, Jared and Andy both had birthdays (Janie’s is coming on the 7th), Lisa, Flint, Sam and Mia took a trip to Washington D.C.  While there they spent a day with Bruce and Mary Rudiosso (Janies brother) sounds like they had a wonderful time.  Andy, Theresa and Garren took a trip to Denver to a Broncos game ( Andy’s birthday gift from Theresa) and spent time with old friends while there. We haven’t received as many pictures of the new baby this week as Jared has been traveling for work and Karla’s mom is visiting and helping with the new baby.  Chad got the sprinklers drained and everything ready for winter at home—sounds like it was just in time.  Jessica (Packer) is a member of the Idaho Falls volleyball team that won the State Championship last week–way to go Jess!!

Well that about catches us up, we love what we are doing, we love the gospel and especially we love all of you and pray for you daily.  Love—Mom and Dad, Jane and Richard

One thought on “Happy Halloween from Mexico Oct. 17 – Nov. 3

  1. Happy birthday Jane on Nov 7. We just arrived in St George last night and the sun is shining so brightly. Love it! We hope your birthday is extra special and that the language will get better and better. God bless you both for your wonderful service. Thanks for keeping us on your email list. Love you, Pete and ParCeil

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