Queridos familia y amigos!

Dec. 7, 2014

Queridos familia y amigos,

Hello to all, we hope this note finds everyone well and happy.  What a special season we have upon us to celebrate and give thanks for the birth of Christ and for all the blessings his life brings into ours.  We feel fortunate that we can be doing what we are doing during this season, we will certainly miss the great family traditions that we have established, but its only a year– minutia.

We are back in Mexico City after a couple weeks of traveling, living out of a suit case and training in the missions of Northern Mexico.  We had a very productive trip without problems of any kind, we were blessed with good roads, no accidents, no tickets and a lot of wonderful scenery.  We drove a lot of miles during the day and then had training meetings in the evening and then at some of the cities we ate a late supper after the meeting( Mexican custom is to eat much later than we normally do).

Our first training meeting was in Monterrey where we met with session directors and presidents from 4 missions, Monterrey Este, Monterrey Oeste, Saltillo and Reynosa.  Monterrey is fun to go back to because it is where I served part of my mission as a young man.  From Monterrey we went to Durango, then to Chihuahua, to Cd. Juarez, to Hermosillo, to Cd. Obregon, to Culiacan and then to Guadalajara( in Guadalajara we met with 3 missions, Guadalajara, Guadalajara Este and Aguascalientes).  On Thursday we drove back to Mexico City just in time to go to a meeting at the area office on Friday, so we have had a very busy 2 weeks and came home tired and road weary. In both Chihuahua and Cd. Juarez we met and trained with new session directors, they both had been Mission Presidents, Stake Presidents and one had been an Area Authority Seventy, these are the type of people we have the opportunity to work with in this program, great leaders, great couples.  On an interesting note we were in Cd. Juarez on Thanksgiving Day, its right across the border from El Paso, Texas.  After we checked into our hotel we wanted to see if we could find a Thanksgiving dinner, not far from our hotel we could see a Denny’s(yes I said Denny’s), we walked over to check it out and had a very good turkey dinner with all the trimmings.  We were lucky we ended up on the boarder Thanksgiving Day or we probably would not have found the turkey.  For some reason the Mexicans don’t celebrate the pilgrims arriving in America.

Thanksgiving Dinner at Denny’s- Cd. Juarez


In our travels we traveled through high desert terrain, near tropical, very modern agricultural and everything in between with a bunch of fairly large cities that we negotiated through.  A year ago if someone would have told me I’d be doing this kind of driving in Mexico I’d have told them their nuts, but it seems to be working out just fine.  We continue to run into Missionaries from Idaho everywhere we go, in Monterrey we went to church on Sunday and met a young lady from Twin Falls who knows Mike and Cathy Day, in the same ward we met a young man from Hibbard who knows the Willmore’s, we’re getting quite a collection of pictures of missionaries from Ida or Ut that we know.

When we got back to our apartment we were amazed at the grounds around the temple and visitors center.  The Christmas lights and flowers are spectacular, lots of lights and lots of poinsettias .

DSC00570 DSC00566 DSC00565 DSC00550 DSC00548 DSC00547

This gives you a taste of what we see every time we look our apartment window, palm trees actually look good decorated with Christmas lights.  We feel blessed to be able to live here at the Mexico City Temple for a few short months of our lives, its a special place especially at this special time.  We love you all very much and hope that your lives are filled with the good stuff of life, remember the best stuff is of an eternal nature and brings us a deep and long lasting type of happiness.

Keep the emails, texts and phone calls coming we sure love to hear from you.

Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa and amigos

One thought on “Queridos familia y amigos!

  1. hi Richard and Jane- I enjoyed the blog and the pictures are wonderful! I want to wish you a merry Christmas and a great New Year. Elaine has had a terribel back for a long time and just Wed. had a procedure where they cauterized the nerves. I just talked to her today Sat. and she feels so much better. She said she had forgotten how to feel good. Rexburg made a record temperature wise yesterday- 52 degrees- so did Idaho Falls and other places- today we wolk up to rain and it is trying to change to snow. Love to you Ruth

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