Smoky Hot Holiday Season in Mexico

December 8, 2014

Querida Familia y Queridos Amigos,

We are writing this blog a little earlier than we normally do because of the memory maker type of events that have transpired this week.

On Monday night we had a traditional Thanks giving dinner with all the trimmings.  Over time we were able to find all the ingredients and then Janie and Elaine cooked an absolutely great meal.  We had six missionaries come up to the apartment to eat with us( two were Gringos and four were latin) boy can missionaries eat a lot, especially the Americans who had not had a great turkey dinner for a while.  One of the Elders, Elder Mollot from Othello, Washington, couldn’t believe we were going to have mashed potatoes and turkey gravy.  When amen was said he went for the potatoes, I wish I had a picture of it, there was no room on the plate for anything else and then he had seconds.  Elder Hicks our BYU football player of about 330 lbs. can also put away a little food.  It was really fun to have them with us, the Latin Elders( 3 from Mexico and 1 from Chile) seemed to really enjoy the meal also.  After the meal Elder Hicks took the lead and taught us all a great family home evening lesson.  It was a great day and very worth making special mention in our blog which will turn out to be our journal and history of our mission.

Thanks giving dinner on Dec. 8, 2014

IMG_0719 IMG_0710

On Dec. 11 Thursday morning we had an appointment with Hermano Huape at the office here on the temple block.  He was going to help us zero out our church credit card for the end of the year for accounting purposes.  We were working with him when I got a call on my phone telling us that our apartment was on fire.  We ran a short distance to our apartment and saw the smoke on the fifth floor ( our apartment) and they were evacuating the building. As we came around the corner we ran into Dave and Elaine Smith coming down and they were in a bad way, very distressed and crying thinking that we were still in the apartment.  We feel really bad that they had to go through that, they probably aged a couple years, any way they were really relieved that we were ok and they were not going to have to ship our ashes back home.  The fire engines came and all the windows were broken out, the locked door kicked in and the fire extinguished.  Long story short, the fire apparently started from a short in the wall of possibly they said from a lamp (that wasn’t turned on) so we think the short was in the wall.  Lots of smoke, very hot as the curtains and some of the furniture burned.  We are so blessed to be where we were when it happened, they said the fire sucked all the oxygen out of the closed up apartment, who knows what might have been.  Any way we are safe and well.  We have worked very hard the last 3 days getting another apartment cleaned up and moved into, every pencil, paper clip and everything else had to be washed to get the soot and smell off.  All of our clothes had to be washed or dry cleaned because of soot and smell.  The Smith’s have worked at our side in cleaning, washing and organizing, what a blessing they have been.  Its amazing that both our computers still work, from the opposite side of  the house that the main fire was there was a plastic clock hanging on the wall, it melted.  Our computers were between the main fire and the melted clock, after we cleaned them up we turned them on and everything works, unbelievable these mac books are rugged.  We’re very blessed, we lost very little, one casualty of the fire was our Basic talk phone unit, we can no longer make calls home but we are working on a replacement( may take a few weeks to get it here from the states).  Attached are a few pictures to help realize the blessings we have received this week.

This is where the fire started



Melted clock


Janie hard at work.  It really smelled bad.  Burnt wire smell.IMG_0811

Kicked in door, sure glad they didn’t find us in there.


Well this about catches us up, this is Sunday morning, we are moved into another apartment, just about recuperated and getting comfortable in our new digs.  Colleen, I think we got a little glimpse of  what you and John went through( only ours was on a much smaller scale).  Ruth emailed yesterday and said that Elaine had had some back surgery, sure wish we could call and check on her and wish her well, but this note will have to do for now.

We love you all, think of you always and we know from where blessings come from and things that happen in life help us realize which blessing are really important.


Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa and Friends.

One thought on “Smoky Hot Holiday Season in Mexico

  1. We are so glad that you are alright. We all know where blessing come from. Matt and Shelley and their kids will be here Sat. and this Grandma is getting so excited. It says it is suppose to snow, we have a little but not much.
    Hang in there. The fudge will be waiting when you come home.
    Love Sandy and Linda

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