January 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Hard to believe it’s past the middle of January, as you look back in the rear-view time certainly fly’s.  We hope the cold winter months of Idaho and Washington are treating you well and that you’re happy and busy and healthy.  We were told that we would have some fairly cool weather here in Mexico City in January and February but so far it has been very pleasant.  A few mornings are a little chilly but the days have been very nice.  We have a little electric heater in our apartment and have only turned it on 5 or 6 mornings.  Sounds like Idaho is blessed with good snow and plenty of cold, just the way it should be.  We were saddened to read of the passing of Marilyn Scofield, she and Bill are very special people in our lives.  I think we are all put back together from our fire, we even have our phone system back so we can call you occasionally.  Chad was able to get the replacement phone to the MTC and some people that live here by us brought it down.  It doesn’t seem like we use it a lot but it’s very comforting to have.

On the 3rd of January we had a training with people from the four missions that will be using the church facility at El Guarda.  The training took most of the day as there were two food providers that wanted to show off their abilities and brought a lot of food for the people of the missions to try to see if they wanted to use their services.  First off we had a huge breakfast from one of the providers, it was very good but for me was quite greasy (which is typical of a lot of food here).  Then we had an orientation of the facility and a training session and the the directors and their teams had time to exchange ideas.  Before we left we were provided with another large meal from another provider, I was full for the next couple days.


Training Meeting


Directors from Queretaro, Oaxaca, Puebla Sur y Xalapa


Taking a look at the facility

On Thursday the 8th we had our monthly meeting with the Area Presidency.  After the mtg. and on the way home I started feeling a little sick, by the time I went to bed I had a good case of the flu, the next two nights I slept in my sweat suit and had on every blanket we had, never been colder.  I had a very congested head, body aches and many trips to the baño, I had the flu thru Sunday until I started feeling a little better.  Janie had it on Christmas day and I had it about 10 days later, sure glad we got the flu shots!!

The last couple of weeks I have made a power point presentation to help teach the concepts and goals of the area plan, I have sent it out to the directors of the FSY programs in each of the missions.  Hopefully they will incorporate the principles of the plan into their individual programs to teach the youth and then the youth can take them home.  The plan that the Area Presidency has developed is very insightful, inspired and addresses certain needs of the church and people of Mexico.  We have also spent quite a bit of time organizing and making sure shipments of manuals and other supplies will arrive at the missions when and where needed.

Lisa told us about one of Jace’s good friends and a family friend that was going to be in Mexico City MTC in preparation for her Spanish speaking mission back in the states. The MTC brings all the missionaries over here to the visitors center for a morning, so we were watching for Sister Ricks and Janie found her very easily so we took a picture to send home to Lisa, Jace and her Mother.


Sister Ricks, Jace’s good friend. The other really good looking lady is my companion.

Sounds like Janie is going to have the opportunity to go over to the Visitors Center a couple nights a week and help with an English class being taught to the Latin sister missionaries that are here in the area, she is looking forward to this.  We hope you are all well and happy.  Please know that we are happy, some days we wish we had more to  do other days we wish we had less to do, but things are going very well and we are certainly learning a lot.  Our prayers go out for your success in what your doing and may you receive that special help in solving your problems is our hope and prayer.

We love you all,

Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, Amigos

9 thoughts on “January 2015

  1. Sounds as if you are doing great. We are glad that you didn’t get hurt in the fire. Yes it is cold here and we are ready for spring. I’ve been going to the temple at 6 am and this is the first morning that they have started giving us numbers, I think they are getting geared up for when Idaho Falls starts coming up to use our temple. This morning was beautiful when we got out of the temple, you could see for miles, cold but beautiful.
    This year is starting to go by fast.
    We are thinking of you and enjoy reading your post.
    Keep up the good work and keep smiling as Angie would say.
    Love Sandy and Linda

  2. I just noticed this that I should respond here. Have you not recei ed any of my comments on your other posts – sure hope you have, they were outstanding!!!Ha Ha Sound and looks like you are both looking and doing very well, It’s always fun to hear from you. all is well here, weather is about 45 in the day and the last couple of weeks we have not had that inversion and lSalt Lake valley is know for but it has been beautiful and sunshiny, but cold. Lots of snow in the mountains. Al is doing well and we are thankful for every day. Love to you both, Elaine

  3. I enjoy your reports. So sorry about the fire not fun. What a wonderful experience to meet so many people and see so much of the country. I have another missionary for you to look up. His name is Elder Grant Klingler from Las Vagas. He is Thaynes oldest. They came to visit Lewis &Chris at Xmas. I told him I would let you know that he is at MTC. I think he left on the 16th. He will be there for 6weeks. He’s on his way to Chile Osorno Mission. My prayers are with you. Love Colleen.

  4. Richard and Janie:

    Always great to hear of your doings. Sorry to hear of the flu. We went to Vegas this weekend to go to the Donny and Marie show (Cindy’s Christmas present). Had a good time with golfing, biking, running, eating, going to the temple, seeing family, and going to Church. As we passed through Mesquite, I thought of you two with always very pleasant memories.


    • Kevin, good to hear from you, sounds like you guys are busy. I guess you haven’t received your mission president call yet? Please let me know the minute you get the call from Elder Bednar. Love you guys Richard

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