Down Mexico Way (February 12 – March 2)

Dearest Family and Friends,

Time for the old update from down Mexico way, its about 79 degrees as I’m writing this afternoon, pretty nice weather.  Hope all is well with you, we’ve received word of a few happenings these last few days and are happy of some things and saddened by others.  Congratulations to Jessica for being accepted to both BYU Provo and USU and for her decision to go to USU for a semester before she goes on her mission.  We are saddened that Benson while trying out for the Idaho Falls High Baseball team broke his arm and will miss the season.  Benson we hope you heal quickly and remember your young and there are other seasons, good luck!!

We have heard from all the other kids and are grateful that all is well.

Our mission has not been chuck full of earth shattering events this last couple of weeks but things are progressing toward our summer conferences and we are well and happy.  On the 12th we had our monthly mtg. with the Area Presidency, again nothing earth shattering but it is always good to meet with them and be instructed.  On Monday the 16th we had a very constructive webex mtg. with the Carlos from Chihuahua.  Doing the meeting by webex saved us a very long drive and considerable expense, we have another meeting set up with them next Monday.  Also on the 16th Janie fed the world here at our apartment, she fed us, the Smith’s, the Zapata’s, the Anthony’s and 5 young missionaries.  After dinner we had our group Family Home Evening and Elder Hicks (our favorite BYU football player) taught a wonderful lesson.  This was his last night in the area as the next day he was transferred out of the office.  We saw a very humble and sensitive side to this huge young man as he taught and bore testimony.  He has become huge spiritually.  On Thursday night of that week I took my computer and projector and helped the missionaries with a ward mission night focused on Family Search, those attending were mostly members but there were a few investigators.  It’s amazing how many people have been baptized in our ward here in the last 9 months.

Mexico city has many museums and historical sites. On Sat. the 14th we went with the Anthony’s down town and toured the Carlos Slim museum (Carlos Slim is one of the Wealthiest men in the World and owns a lot of down town Mexico City), its a beautiful building and has 5 levels of different exhibits.  While there Elder Anthony missed a step and took a fall and in the process took down a shark exhibit.  He was just fine and the people at the museum were very concerned and attentive to him.


Slim Museum


Anthony’s at Slim Museum


Slim Museum – Neat Architecture

The next Saturday the 21st most of the couples/area missionaries went to teotihuacán ruins about an hour outside of Mexico City.  We had a guide, member of the church, who is an archeologist, he made it so very interesting as he discussed many aspects of the ancient American continent ruins and compared them to the temple of Solomon in the bible and to our temple ordinances of today—there are certainly strong connections and similarities.  It was fun to see and be taught of the same symbolism involved in all three time periods.

Guide Javier Tovar at Teo teotihuacán

Guide Javier Tovar at Teo teotihuacán

Temple of the Sun Teotihuacán

Temple of the Sun Teotihuacán

Pres. Stutsnegger(we were in Mexico 47 years ago in the same mission)

Pres. Stutsnegger(we were in Mexico 47 years ago in the same mission

Live entertainment at restaurant on way home from ruins

Live entertainment at restaurant on way home from ruins

Last Monday night our family home evening group went to visit an older couple in our ward, Brother Cisneros has been very sick and has been in and out of the hospital.  They are wonderful people, we did our best to cheer him up a little, sang songs and had a great visit.  Tonight after our FHE at our apartment we were visited by two families that have attended our Marriage and Family Relations class.  The Varela family and the Toledo Family came over and brought pie de queso or cheese pie, it was delicious, reminded me of flan with a pie crust.  These two young families are the most dynamic people you will ever meet, both men are and will be great future church leaders here in Mexico and Sister Toledo is the Relief Society Pres. and Sister Varela is the Young Women’s Pres. here in the ward.  The Varela’s brought their three beautiful children with them and we had a great time ( we have really became close to these people). The Varela’s have a five year old that reminded us so much of Tanner, we might just bring her home with us so Tanner will have a little competition.

One other thing we did this last week is took a drive over the the Mission Training Center to see the Jacaranda trees in bloom.  The Jacaranda is a large tree with beautiful purple flowers for about a month in its bloom time.  We went over about 10 days to early, some of the trees were not in full bloom.


Jacaranda Trees Missionary Training Center–Mexico City


Entrance to Missionary Training Center

Entrance to Missionary Training Center

Well, that about catches us up, we are blessed to be having the experience we are having.  Some days seem a little slow but in hind sight in a two week period there is a lot to write about.  We are excited that Jace is having a great missionary experience in England as well.  We love you all and are look forward to hearing about your families.


Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa and Friends

8 thoughts on “Down Mexico Way (February 12 – March 2)

  1. It is so nice to here of the things that you are doing and the experiences. I’m glad everything is going ok. We are all doing fine here. Hoping for spring and the weather turning a bit warmer. Sandy is busy building cabinets for Matt’s house. Yes there are still in Stillwater. The cabinets were pretty bad when they bought the house so he thought when they go to sell it, they would probably get more out of it if the cabinets were a little better when they moved in. We will take them down this fall, can’t wait to see the kids. Angie and her family might be moving, they are just waiting to here. Sounds as if you are really enjoying your mission and I’m so glad of that. Have a wonderful time and we’ll see you soon.
    Love Sandy and Linda

  2. Richard and Janie, Love hearing about all the missionary work and the interesting pictures – beautiful trees in blossom! Paul and Shelly’s daughter is getting married this June. I think all in the Rich family are doing well right now. You are always in our prayers. Hope you remembered Elaine’s birthday 🙂 Love to you, Mary Ellen

  3. I’m so glad you are doing well. Thank you for taking the pictures of Elder Klingler. I spent a week in St.George with Dustin & family. We had fun playing in the red sand. The day we went to Overton it was in the 80’s.the next week it snowed down there. I’ve been working on baby blankets. I’m waiting with Jake&Kindle for my first great grand baby. It’ a girl. I check your home each I go by, it looks good. Keep up the good work! Love Colleen

    • Colleen, sure appreciate hearing from you, thanks for living close and watching out for our place, it’s very assuring to know. Hope all is well.
      Richard and Kanie

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