Easter and Springtime

Dear Family and Friends,  (March 17 – April 6 2015)

Another couple of weeks have flown by and we are still alive and kicking.  Every week we have new experiences on this mission, you would think we should be getting it figured out.  Yesterday was Easter Sunday and we had the opportunity to visit with each of our families at home, it was sure nice to talk to everyone and get caught up.

On the 20th we drove back to Guadalajara for training meetings on Saturday.  We arrived at the chapel next to the Guadalajara temple at 8:00am to connect with the Session directors to go see the hotel they have contracted with for their conference in July.  Brother Quintero called and said he had car troubles so we hung around the temple for a couple of hours waiting for them, by the time they got there we didn’t have enough time to go see the conference site so we postponed it until  tomorrow.  While we were waiting we were able to observe and visit with 10 large bus loads of people who had traveled most of the night to do temple work on Saturday.  The grounds around the temple and chapel were very busy with people coming and going into the temple.  These people are very dedicated to their beliefs and made great sacrifice to be there.  We attended a temple session later on in the day with the FSY team from the Guadalajara East Mission and then had a training meeting.  During the day they fed us about 5 times, these people like to eat.

Training meeting in Guadalajara

Training meeting in Guadalajara

We were involved with waiting, training, temple session and, eating for about 14 hours on Saturday, so it was nice to get to the hotel to relax a little.  On Sunday we went to the 8:30am church meetings and then met the Quinteros to go to the conference site.  We found a very adequate place with plenty of room and the people willing to put up with about 800 people for the conference.  On the way back to Guadalajara we bought the Quinteros lunch and spent a nice day with them.  We took our car because his clutch went out in the church parking lot so when we got back we called a wrecker, he loaded the car.  There were three of them that needed to go with the car so Bro. Quintero got in the wrecker and Sister Quintero and another young man got into the car on the truck and laid the seats back so they couldn’t be seen.  The wrecker driver said it was against the law but said they could do it, he acted like it was done all the time, we got a chuckle out of it.

Hotel that will be used in July

Hotel that will be used in July

Looking down from the hotel at an open grassy area with cabins that will be used

Looking down from the hotel at an open grassy area with cabins that will be used

Monday morning we drove back to Mexico City.  As we got back into the city Janie took some pictures of the crowded housing conditions you see in a lot of places in Mexico City.


On the 25th we were asked to feed the missionaries in our ward so Janie fixed up a feast for them very heavy on mashed potatoes becouse one of the missionaries was Elder Mollotte from Othello, Washington and he is a potato eater.  His companion is Elder Collado from the Dominica Republic.  On Saturday (28) we went to the Ciudadela Market down town with the Anthony’s.  It’s a huge artisan market with all kinds of stuff you don’t need, but it was fun to see.

IMG_0972 IMG_0971

Monday morning the 30th we left early to get to the airport to catch a 6:00am flight to Culiacan, this week we have 3 conferences in Culiacan and 2 in Mazatlan.  I’t’s an amazing flight coming into Culiacan, It’s a huge agricultural area and is very impressive from the air.  There are acres upon acres of green houses in this area, one person told us that 80% of the export tomatoes of the world come from the state of Sinaloa.

Green houses and fields between Culiacan and Mazatlan

Green houses and fields between Culiacan and Mazatlan

We picked up the Mission session Directors (the De Los Santos) and drove to Mazatlan.  Mazatlan was getting ready to be flooded with vacationeers for Holy Week starting on about Wednesday.  Its a very pretty city and beautiful beach area, we were wishing we could enjoy it a little bit but no such luck.  We visited both conferences that afternoon, after the conf. about 9:00pm we went to the apartment we were staying with the Session Directors, we found that there was no toilet paper or towels and Janie saw a cockroach about the size of your toe when she turned on the light.  We went to a store and bought 2 towels and T P then crashed on a hard double bed.  We had gotten up at 4:00am so we were so tired we slept like babies.  Tuesday we again visited both conferences for most of the day and then Janie and I drove back to Culiacan, the other couple stayed in Mazatlan.  It was really nice to get into our very nice hotel room in Culiacan, take a nice hot shower and sleep in a great king size bed.  Wednesday morning we delivered some materials we had to all three conferences in Culiacan (Culiacan, Humaya and Tamazula).  We spent a little extra time at Tamazula.  The youth conference food is a little greasy and I dont do well with grease since I had my gall bladder taken out, I needed to stay a little close to the bathroon for 4 days.


This is a typical plate we had, frijoles, potatoes and beef or chicken in a greasy broth with lots of tortillas, its tasty but not the best for me, it didn’t seem to bother Janie.  Thursday we spent all day at the Culiacan Conference and on Friday we were at Humaya.  We caught our plane ride back to Mexico City at 6:00pm and got back at 9:00pm.  We had a busy week but very rewarding, we met a lot of people and saw a lot of kids have feelings that they maybe had never had before.  The FSY program is a very well designed program from Monday through Friday ending on  Friday on a very high spiritual note.  Saturday and Sunday were spent watching General Conference on our computer, very enjoyable.  Janie loved it because it was in ENGLISH.  She only gets bits and pieces when it  is spoken in Spanish.

Groups of young men teaching one another the gospel

Groups of young men teaching one another the gospel

Well this is my last sheet of paper so I’d better quit.  The gospel is fun to see in action and to see young people realize who they really are and what they can become.  We are blessed to be here.  Hope your all well and happy in life.


Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa and Friends

2 thoughts on “Easter and Springtime

  1. Sounds as if you are enjoying the mission and there is not a dull moment. It has been a little cold and rainy here lately, we all want it to warm up. Did you hear that Riley Pincock committed sucide yesterday. I thought I would go up and see Brenda and Paul tomorrow. It is a shame. He was in Burley, I guess. The devil is real and he is close. Be careful in everything that you do.
    Have a great week.
    Love Sandy and Linda

    • Dear Sandy and Linda

      Thanks so much for keeping us updated, were very sorry to hear about Riley. would you by chance have an email address for the Pincock’s? RP

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