Dear Family and Friends,

Its time for a little catch up from Mexico.  The temperature has certainly gone up here in Mexico City, I don’t think we felt the heat last year like we are feeling it right now.  We will soon be in the rainy season and that cools things off every night to feel very comfortable.  We haven’t heard of any huge problems so we assume that everything is going good in your lives.  Mia’s birthday was the 22nd and we were able to talk to her and wish her happy birthday, so thankful for all the modern communication that we have.

No huge earth shattering events have taken place here since our last blog.  We have had plenty of office type time in the FSY program with emails and phone calls.  We also had a couple of webex training sessions that really save a lot of time spent in travel, when it works it really works well.  We have made a couple trips to El Guarda the church camp about an hour south of Mexico City.  We were given permission to purchase some new spring bar tents from Kirkhams in Salt Lake City.  We received 60 tents, it took quite a few months to get them here, they are 10 times better than the tents we’ve been using(Coleman), we hope to get many more years use, out of these more expensive tents.  So we went down and made sure they got there ok and had to set one of them up, it was fun.

We have had time these last couple weeks to visit people in our ward and even take some to  doctor appointments, its been fun, I’ve even had a wheel chair in the trunk of my car a couple times.  One good man Brother Cisneros was on his death bed a couple months ago but he came out of it and when we visited him and his wife, he thought he could attend church on Sunday so we picked them up and took them to church.  He had been down in bed for about 3 months, lost a lot of weight and strength but is now doing very well.  Another man in  our ward is in a wheel chair, he and his son are in some therapy right now and we loaded them up and took them to a therapy session one afternoon.  They are new members of the church and it’s amazing to me to see the changes and difference in their lives since they found the church, their whole persona has changed and they are so much more positive (they have hope, even though they are poor and don’t have a lot).  Our family home evening group had a nice dinner last Monday night to celebrate Dave Anthony’s birthday.  We have a lot of fun with our group here and have some great discussions.

Elder Anthony's Birthday party at Italianis.

Elder Anthony’s Birthday party at Italianis.

New tent at El Guarda

New tent at El Guarda

Last night our stake had a primary activity where each of the wards displayed a dance, in costume, from another country.  Our ward kids represented Japan.  Other country’s represented were Brasil, Mexico, Africa and Hawaii, it was a cute activity and was very well attended, the Stake Center was packed.  After the primary activity we went to the home of the Varela family for their son Lehi’s birthday party  who turned 11 yesterday.  A humble home in a small apartment but the family love couldn’t have been felt stronger in any home any where in the world.  This is one of the families we have really become close to and think a lot of them.  One of the other couples that we are close to announced this week that they are finally going to have their first baby.  They were in the marriage class we taught and have been married for about 6 years so this was a great announcement for them (Nestor and Jesica Toledo).

Dance of Japan by the Allende Ward

Dance of Japan by the Allende Ward

Varela Kids after the Japanese dance

Varela Kids after the Japanese dance

Brother and Sister Zapata really enjoying the primary activity.

Brother and Sister Zapata really enjoying the primary activity.

Lehi's Birthday Party

Lehi’s Birthday Party

Well I’m going to include Janie’s last letter to the ward so you can get her take on everything.

Hi everyone in the Teton 1st ward.  We have been here in Mexico now for one year.  When we first got here the time went by really slow for me.  I think a lot of it at first was because of cultural shock.  No one spoke my language and things were REALLY different,  I think when 6 months went by we were very surprised—-a lot had to do with staying busy.  Richard has the driving down really well here.   He can drive just like any Mexican down here, so watch out when he gets home–Mexicans  drive crazy here.  Picture this–you are driving down a four lane road and the person on the left wants to turn right and it a red light.  He is also third car back and on the left side.   He goes up and over a curb gets up to the front and goes past all four lanes and goes through a red light and keeps going.  It’s nuts here, but we sure get a lot of laughs.  Even  some of the Mexicans laugh at how they drive.  
     We flew up to Culiacan and Mazatlan the 30th of March and drove around to visit 2 FSY conferences in Mazatlan and 3 in Culiacan.  Flew back to Mexico City Friday the 3rd, just in time to watch General Conference, Saturday and Sunday.  It was beautiful because we heard it in English.
     Our daughter Lisa is coming down the 14th of May along with her husband Flint and oldest daughter Jessica.  They will only stay for 3 days but will be gone 5 days–1 day to get here and 1 to go back on.  After they leave on the 18th we have a two week trip planned—-we will attend FSY trainings where the  counselors and coordinators are trained by the session directors,  their conferences will be in either July or August.   We will drive from Mexico North to Guadalajara,  Chihuahua, Torreon, Saltillo, and  Monterrey then back to Mexico City we will try to stay in each place maybe 2 days not more than 3.  We can only drive during the day and only on toll roads.  
    The second week of August all the conferences will be over and finished.  We will have some computer work to finish up and then we were asked to help with the open house here for the reopening of the Mexico Temple.  We are so pleased and honored to be part of this happening.  We are also pleased that we get to attend the temple for one month before we go home.  We are so blessed to be here working with these beautiful and humble
people.  A lot of people here don’t have much, but one thing they do have is a huge smile on their face most of the time.  They feel honored to be a member of this church, and so do we.                               Elder Richard Pocock and Sister Jane Pocock   

We love you all very much and are anxious to see you again, we certainly see grandkids that are growing up, thank goodness for face time.

Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa and Friends

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