Great Road Trip through Northern Mexico

To our favorite family and best friends in the world,

Time for an update of travels, places and faces here in Mexico.  Not a day goes by that we don’t say a prayer for your safety and happiness.  We trust that those prayers are answered and you’re all well and happy and dealing with life’s challenges that might come your way.  We are doing just fine here in Mexico and the time is flying by very fast, it won’t be long until we will finish our mission here and be heading home.  Our health is good and daily we are blessed with rich experiences and the opportunity to meet many great people.

Since our last letter Garren broke his collar bone on the 19th, Sam turned 13 on the 20th of May, and Gracie turned 3 on the 8th of June.   Also Brayden took fist place in the pine wood derby in Cub Scouts and Sam did very well in the school track meet, Benson’s broken arm is healing well and Jessica graduated from High School with high honors. We also saw on Face book that big Jessica ran in the Teton Dam run, we love to hear about all these family events and congratulate you all.

We have been involved in coordinating meetings with the people that take care of El Guarda, the church camp, and with purchasing and shipping people who are involved in getting materials and supplies to the different FSY conferences all over Mexico.  We work with very capable people here in Mexico and it takes a lot of effort and coordination to have enough of everything where it needs to be and on time.  Hopefully things beyond our control will leave us alone as we approach the conference season and all will go well.

Most of our happenings have been associated with a major training trip we took through Northern Mexico to visit with all the mission FSY directors one last time before their conferences begin.  We traveled about 2700 miles in our little Honda and visited a lot of people in numerous cities.  We were in Morelia, AguasCalientes, Durango, Chihuahua, Colonia Dublan, Saltillo, Monterrey, San Luis Potosi and Queretaro.

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 9.41.49 AM

 We were on the road for 12 days and felt like our trip was successful.  One of the highlights was being able to visit with John and Ellen Robinson in Colonia Dublan.  We took their place in the FSY program as they finished their mission and they helped us so much the first month we were here teaching us what we were to be doing.  While we were with them they took us to Colonia Juarez to see the church school and the temple there.  We traveled in everything from lush agricultural land to forests to dry high desert lands. Some of the scenery is spectacular but everywhere we went we were met with much enthusiasm from the people we work with.  We’ve said it before and I’m sure we’ll say it again that we have the opportunity to work with some of the greatest leaders and teachers in Mexico.

On the day that we went from Saltillo to Monterrey it was only about an hour drive so we had plenty of time.  The Blanco family from Saltillo picked us up at our hotel and took us to the museum of the Deseret, it’s an archeological museum that turns into a zoo by the time you finish.  It’s a great museum and we had a great time with this good family,  when we finished we went to a Mexican sea food restaurant and had some great food.  The Blanco’s young daughter was going to leave for her mission on the next Tuesday and this was her favorite restaurant. On another evening after our training meeting we went to a really good Mexican restaurant in Queretaro with the Mendoza’s, we have had some really good Mexican food lately.


The Blanco Family in Saltillo


Museum of the Deseret in Saltillo

We got back to Mexico City on the 10th in time to help the Anthony’s move into our old apartment, the one that we had the fire in on the 11th of December.  They finally got it fixed up so now we have neighbors on the top floor of our apartment building.  Saturday the 13th we went on a day trip with the Smith’s, Anthony’s, Rice’s and Steven’s.  We went to a resort (tourist) type city south of Mexico City called Iztaplan de la Sal. We didn’t stay long there, nothing more than to see it and know where it is.  We then went a little further south to the Grutas de Cacahuamilpa, Large underground caverns similar to those in Carlsbad, New Mexico,  The people who have been to Carlsbad say that these are much larger. The Internet says the caverns go about 10 kilometers into the mountain.  We only went in about 2 kilometers (about 1.25 miles) and it was very beautiful and worth the time to see .  Then we traveled to a little old-time silver town called Taxco.  It’s a beautiful town built into a mountain side with very narrow streets.  We ate at a nice little restaurant and did a little shopping in the silver outlets. We then drove back north to Cuernavaca were we had supper at a place called Las Mañanitas, very nice restaurant with lots of outdoor dinning with peacocks and flamingos walking around, its a very picturesque setting.  We then headed back to Mexico City and got into long waits for road construction.  We got to our apartment at 12:00 am midnight, very late for old people. Great day with great people learning new things.


Inside Grutas de Cacahuamilpa


Inside Grutas de Cacahuamilpa


Smith’s, Steven’s, Us, Rice’s and Anthony’s


Coming into Taxco


Taxco, Mexico


Taxco, Mexico


Taxco, Mexico


Dinning area at Las Mañanitas, Cuernavaca, Mexico

Pavo Real at Las Mañanitas

Pavo Real at Las Mañanitas

Today the 14th was Stake Conference here so we are home earlier than usual and were having a very peaceful Sunday.  Hope all of you are experiencing the same thing.  We are glad to be doing what we are doing and have been given the opportunity to experience a lot of neat things here in Mexico.  We pray that you are all well and that we are all growing together in the things that really matter in this old world.  We love the gospel and the plan of happiness that it provides for us all in good times and in bad.  Until we write again keep us in your prayers and we will do the same.


Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa and Friends

9 thoughts on “Great Road Trip through Northern Mexico

  1. Always love getting your letters. Cindy and I made an attempt to go to the Colonies when Darla’s Aunt Rita passed away (Elder Daniel Johnson’s mother). She was a very special part of Darla’s life and Darla said we’re going back to Mexico when Aunt Rita dies.

    This was back in April, and we were actually in Cancun with Cindy’s family when we heard the news. So I made arrangements to fly to El Paso when we returned to Salt Lake the following day and we were planning to drive to El Paso to the Colonies. Had all of the car arrangements, flights, hotels planned out, and then on the night we flew out we had a short time before our connecting flight from Denver to El Paso left. We ended up having to wait for a gate and when finally deplaned we had 15 minutes to make it clear across the other side of the airport. So Cindy and I ran using the walk-ways and we thought we made it 5 minutes early, but the gate was closed and they said they had a rule no one boards after 10 minutes before the plane leaves.

    So we stood in line with lots of angry and frustrated people, and kind customer service person said there were no more flights to El Paso until the morning, and we would miss the funeral if we took the next flight out. So we tried first to take a flight to Midland and got the last two tickets, where we would drive to El Paso, and get there about 5 a.m. But we found out no rental cars would be available in Midland because they all closed at 11:00 and we were arriving at 12:30 a.m. So we went back to the line and managed to get a flight to Dallas, where we would then sleep in the airport and get the first flight to El Paso. We would be late for the funeral, but would still get to see family.

    All went well however sleeping in the airport is unpleasant at best. In the morning, Cindy said she just heard on the news that Dallas had a terrible ice storm this morning and flights were being cancelled. We went to our gate and sure enough our flight was postponed for at 2 and half hours. We would now miss everything and a trip to the Colonies would useless as we had a flight leaving El Paso early the next morning.

    I was not a happy camper and told Cindy, I’m going to get hold of who I needed to and United was going to refund us for everything.

    I sat fuming for a few minutes, and then the words of Elder Maxwell came to mind, that when we face adversity we should ask what lessons are we to learn. I didn’t want any lessons, I wanted a refund. But, finally I turned to Cindy and asked her, what lessons do you suppose I am to learn?

    She responded, Perhaps, turn the other cheek.

    It hit me hard, and I knew she was right. So, my first opportunity was when I called to cancel our car reservation. The clerk was nice, but she said we still have to charge you a service fee as we had to do all of the insurance work and documents to take the car across the border. I remembered what Cindy said, and said that is very understandable, I’ll pay what is needed. I think this surprised the clerk, and she said, let me check with my supervisor and I’ll get back.

    I told Cindy, and she said, see it’s working already. She called back and said the fee was cancelled.

    We never made it to the Colonies, but I learned some great lessons, and yes, this was the basis for my Stake Conference talk the next month.

    The Lord continues to bless me with many lessons to not only help me grow, but to help others also.

    Thought you might want to know this weak soul is still being tutored. All my prayers and love,


    Sent from my iPad

  2. Dear Jane and Richard, so glad to read about your work and your travels and know you are well as you give this service. We are in Cardston, Alberta tonight (Sunday) on our way home from spending a week in Banff. What an absolute beautiful place on the earth. We had been thru there before but tis time we traded our time share in Montana for a week there. Se we used that as base. we have been gone 12 days and are ready to be home on Tuesday; Al is doing well, we need to be back for his injection on Wednesday morning. We love you lots and are happy for the experiences you are having Elaine

  3. Sounds as though your mission is a success. I love to hear about all that you are doing. We are all doing fine here. The weather has turned warm and the crops are looking beautiful. They are starting to cut hay, so hopefully it won’t rain. Sandy is having a little trouble with his back, but other than that he is doing great. Our ward is planning on going on Trek in 2016, no Sandy and I are not going, but we are on the committee to get it organized. It is fun to learn of the different pioneers. I’m glad I was born in this day and age. Enjoy your mission and remember we are saying a prayer for you..
    Sandy and Linda

  4. So glad to hear about your travels. You two will be able to take tours to Mexico. Way past do but happy birthday Richard. I had some surgery & then I got the shingles. Not fun but I am doing much better. We got the g grand baby blessed a week ago. John gave her a beautiful blessing. Very emotional meeting. My prayers are with you. Keep up the good work. Love colleen

    • Colleen sure good to hear from you, sorry you’ve had some health problems, we know that shingles are no fun. Who is the grand baby that you had blessed, we’ve lost track of who’s having babies? Take care of yourself Richard and Jane

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