Veracruz and Cholula July 2015

5 July 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Time sure seems to go by fast from blog to blog, I guess thats what happens when your old and time seems to be on a run a way.  We are doing good here in Mexico City, the rainy season is really here, we have seen some very strong storms  that overwhelm the drain systems in this town.  Last Wednesday afternoon it rained so hard that it filled the entry area of our apartment building, it’s a good thing that we didn’t need to get in or out or we would have had to get very wet.  The storm did get water into a little store in our apt building so we were able the help them get the water out for business the next day.  We also went to the church camp (south of the city) one afternoon to help a group of people put up some of the new spring bar tents we bought this year, the skies opened up and we got soaked, since it was in the mountains it was also chilly so we had a wet cold ride back home to Mexico City.  With all the rain everything is so green and pretty and flowers are everywhere, this really is a pretty country.  We sure enjoy the calls, emails, texts etc we receive from all of you, sounds like your doing well, please know that we pray for you every day of our lives.

The last couple of weeks we have spent time on a number of projects.  We have spent quite a lot of time studying and learning how to us the church activity registration page, they think they have it ready to use in languages other than English.  It looks like it will be a good usable product, the past years we have used a web page that was created here in Mexico, it has worked very well.  We also have worked on a publicity project that the area office is involved in and they wanted to have a segment on the FSY program in Mexico so we have sent them videos, pictures and stories.  I’ve also made new excel spread sheets to keep track of all the information we will receive after the conferences are over.  We’ll receive lots of numbers from the conferences and a good spread sheet sure makes it easy to see what happened in the nation.  Last week some time was spent taking a young Elder from Guatemala to the hospital for appointments and tests after he had a seizure one night.  He had had seizures years ago and had been on medication but hadn’t had one for years so he stopped taking his medication and came on a mission, hopefully the doctors will have some kind of remedy for him this next week.  

We had the opportunity to go to a Mexican funeral this last week, they don’t embalm here so a person has to be buried within about 48 hours after death.  When we went to the funeral and went to the casket to see the body, the casket had glass or plexiglass plate over the top to seal the body in the casket.  It seemed a little different but with the understanding of not embalming it all made sense.  It was the funeral of a good man named Adrian Moya, he and his wife had done a lot of work with the youth programs in Mexico in the past, but kidney failure finally got him at 54 years young.  One of our good young friends Elder Tyson Mollotte spent a little time here with us on the 19th as he was going home on the 20th.  He is from Othello Washington and will be attending BYU-I starting this fall.  Its fun to see a young person finish his mission strong and ready to move on with life, we wish him well.  Janie made him a big batch of cookies to take with him.  Janie learned this last week that her fingers are not indestructible.  Two of the office missionaries almost ruined all their white shirts, they dumped detergent on their shirts and it didn’t dissolve so all their shirts had stains on them, so they brought the shirts to Janie and she scrubbed and scrubbed in a clorox solution for most of an afternoon and the combination of scrubbing and clorox took the skin off the tips of her fingers.  They were raw and sore but she did save the shirts.  One of the Elders was from Draper (Elder Dillion) and the other from the Dominican Republic (Elder Silverio) the next day they brought her some roses and sang to her you are my sunshine (in Spanish), made her day.


“You Are My Sunshine”

I enjoyed Father’s day going to church and then attending a baptism service here in our ward.  After church I was able to talk to my kids and grandkids and it was delightful, what a great day we live in were we can make large distance disappear with a few phone calls and texts.  This last Thursday (2nd) nine area missionary couples left Mexico City to go to Veracruz to attend the temple.  We got there in time for a session that night and then went to another session Friday morning, those we were with were the Anthony’s, Smith’s, Zapata’s, Stevens, Hackings, Sandberg’s, Rice’s, Tobler’s and us. We had a very nice time together getting acquainted with Veracruz, which is a very pretty city.  On Saturday as we traveled back to Mexico City us and the Anthony’s detoured to the city of Cholula and visited a large ruin site and pyramid.  On top of the pyramid the Catholic church built a beautiful church, probably thinking it was just a large hill but later discovered that there was actually an ancient pyramid buried there.  There were a lot of artisans selling their handiwork, it is a beautiful city and was one of the nicest side trips we have taken.  So we celebrated the 4th of July traveling and site seeing.  


Veracruz, Mexico


Church in Cholula on top of ancient pyramid


Tunnels in the pyramid made by archeologists


Ruins and Church at Cholula


Artisan lady making beautiful pictures out of colored sticks


Part of Cholula taken from top of the pyramid

We hope and pray that you are all well and happy in what you’re doing, we wish the six members of our family that have birthdays in the month of July a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  Keep us posted on the birthday parties.

Lots of Love,

Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa and Friends

2 thoughts on “Veracruz and Cholula July 2015

  1. It seems to me that you are really enjoying the mission. I was a little worried about Jane but seems to me like she is enjoying it also. Russell Overfield is going on a mission the Nashville, he leaves Oct. 7th. He didn’t even tell his Mom that he had put his papers in. I’m real proud of him. Sandy and I will be going to Ok in a few weeks to help Matt put his kitchen cabinets in that Sandy built for him. He has applied for a couple of jobs, one in Denver and the other in Boise. It would be a lot closer to visit him. Sandy’s back is bothering him, but he keeps on going. He is a miracle.
    I sure enjoy reading the stuff you post, keep up the good work. Our prayers are with you.
    Love Sandy and Linda

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