FSY 2015 Begins!

July 6 – 26, 2015

Dear Everyone,

A quick note to get caught up on our blog and to let you know we are still alive and well.  At the present we are doing very well traveling and attending FSY conferences in Northern Mexico, its fun and we are excited to be doing it.  Please let us know of your activities and happenings, we need to get caught up to local things as we will be returning home in mid October.

In the last three weeks we have had a number of meetings with different people to make sure all the supplies and materials for the conferences have been sent to different parts of the country in the correct numbers.  It’s a big effort to work with so many people and get everything done right, luckily we work with great people.  In the last couple weeks we have taken some of our favorite missionaries (Hicks and Mejia) shopping at Sam’s Club and to dinner.  One afternoon we  delivered extra materials to El Guarda, the camp south of Mexico City.  Another afternoon Elder Hicks called and asked if they could come over and ask a favor, when they arrived they told Janie that their meal had fallen through and asked her if she had anything she could feed them (the word is out in the East Mission of Janie’s cooking skills), she fed them well and all was ok.  Another bit of good news, our good young friends the Toledo’s informed us that they were going to be blessed with a baby girl after having to wait for 5 or 6 years to get their first child.

Jessica and Nestor Toledo


On note from our own family in the last two weeks Sloan, Lisa and Tanner had birthdays and in this next week Benson, Brayden and Garren will have birthdays.  We hope all had or will have happy birthdays.  Time certainly keeps on marching as we see our little family grow up.  We are sure Lisa had a happy birthday as she was at Girls Camp on her birthday. J

On July 18th we went to El Guarda to help the Logistics team from Queretaro get set up for their conference.  It was a beautiful day, we attended the orientation meeting for the Counselors and Logistics people and then we helped them set up tents and get ready to receive about 645 kids on Monday.  We worked hard but had a lot of fun doing it.  Elder and Sister Anthony wanted to get out of the office and the city so they road out to the camp with us and we put them to work but they enjoyed themselves as they are stuck in the mission office all week long.  Monday and Tuesday (20th and 21st) we were at the Queretaro conference, what great organizers and leaders are the Mendoza’s of Queretaro, they had a wonderful conference.  Then on Wednesday we drove to Guadalajara for the Guadalajara East conference.  The conference was held at the Hotel Villa Primavera west of the city, it is owned by the University of Guadalajara and is just a gorgeous place.  One of the goals of the FSY program is to have the conference in a place without outside distractions because every minute is dedicated to programmed teachings and activities.  They had about 720 kids attend, we were able to spend all day Thursday and Friday with them, there was a great spirit of cooperation and learning there along with a lot of fun activities.  Our youngest session directors the Quinteros are great leaders and did a wonderful job.

Putting up tents at El Guarda


Counselors getting materials ready for Monday


Welcoming kids on Monday


Class being taught  FSY Queretaro


745 kids at Guadalajara East &  Music program on Thursday evening-GuadalajaraIMG_1324

Eating lunch  Guadalajara East


Final day of FSY we take a picture


The next two weeks we will be in Monterrey as the Monterrey West Mission and the Saltillo Mission will have their conferences at camp Sion south of Monterrey.  It’s a camp up in the mountains, very beautiful, humid and hot.  When we got out of the car today we were reminded of the heat in Monterrey this time of year (it felt about like being in Mesquite, NV).  We feel of Heavenly Fathers love for his young children in providing them the opportunity to attend these FSY conferences, to grow and learn and be strengthened morally and spiritually, we are glad to have a tiny part in it all.

Please know of our love and respect for each of you as you are raising families and being productive in the community.  We love you all and pray for your happiness daily.

Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa and Jane and Richard

3 thoughts on “FSY 2015 Begins!

  1. As I read your email today I was overwhelmed with the number of youth that attend the FYI events. This truly a remarkable program that gives these young members a gathering experience to know they are part of a latter-day army!

    Thanks for serving!


    Sent from my iPad

    • Kevin, this truly is a great program especially when you consider that the priesthood does not function well in a lot of wards and stakes. This is an opportunity for the kids to feel things that they maybe have never felt before, happens everyday in the FSY program. Hope all is well. Richard

  2. I’m like Kevin can’t believe the no. Of kids. Good job! The weather is crazy hot &humid & rain in June. Hot, cool, rain & snow in the cent. Mts. Mon. Just cut 2nd crop hay, so fun. Sue & Brent Ricks son-in-law, Taunia’s husband died last week, funeral today. Just got word John Smith Jr. Passed away his funeral is tomorrow in Blackfoot. Just missed frost here by 3 degrees, a little good news. Addy (Dustin’s) is getting baptized this Sat. Jeff is coming 4 the weekend & back to the 90’s degrees we go. Love the pictures & looks like you have made a lot of friends. Jane keep up the good cooking! Love Colleen

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