FSY Positive and Successful Experiences

Aug 13, 2015

Querida Familia y Queridos Amigos,

Today is a good day to get caught up on our blog since tomorrow we will begin working in the Visitors Center for the next three weeks during the open house of the Mexico City Temple.  Since our last blog we have had non-stop action-packed fun.  When we left the FSY conference in Guadalajara we drove to Monterrey to attend the conferences for the Monterrey West and Saltillo missions.  Both conferences were held at Camp Sion about 40 minutes south of Monterrey up in the mountains.  Monterrey started the 27th of July to the 1st of August and Saltillo went from the 3rd to the 8th of August.  We really noticed the heat in Monterrey this year.  During July and August Monterrey sits around 100 degrees with fairly high humidity so you walk around feeling wet and sticky.  Both conferences had 500 youth attend and around 100 people as counselors or logistics.  They were both very successful and many found a new way of thinking about a lot of things (these conferences really change lives).

One life that was really effected by the program during the Monterrey conference was that of Ricardo Martinez.  Ricardo’s parents were introduced to the gospel 11 years before their baptism, at the time they did not accept the gospel.  Last year in April they received the lessons and were baptized.  Ricardo did not get baptized with his parents because of doubts and lack of testimony (he was 14 when his parents were baptized).  However he regularly attended church with the family.  In February he registered to attend the FSY conference in July. The conference started on July 27 (Monday) at Camp Sion south of Monterrey and finished on the 1st of August 2015.

Through his participation in FSY by Thursday he felt so impressed by the spirit that he wanted to be baptized.  The FSY leaders called the Mission President, the Stake President and Ricardo’s Bishop.  Permission was granted for a special interview and baptism if all was in order.  On Friday afternoon (July 31) in a small stream that bisects the camp Ricardo was baptized by one of his counselors in the FSY program.  The setting was beautiful with the stream surrounded by trees and fellow participants in FSY.  The choir from the music program of the night before sang a couple hymns and a FSY Counselor who had greatly influenced Ricardo gave a talk.  His parents and Bishop were able to drive to the camp and be there for the baptism.  The baptism of Ricardo in such a setting is a memory that all 600 people in attendance will never forget.

Image 1

Ricardo’s Baptism


Ricardo and his parents after his baptism


500 youth in the outdoor theater with a circus like tent over the top


Entrance into the amphitheater at camp sion


Kids making banners and posters


Young friend we’ve met the last two years at Saltillo


The Blancos from Saltillo–Session Directors

We feel very blessed to be able to witness and experience the things we are involved in here in Mexico, we’ve made many life long friends and have learned many things from them.  One morning before we went to the camp the Contrera’s family from Monterrey picked us up for a drive to a camp that had been used in past years.  Their daughter in law brought 4 kids and with us and the Contreras’s there were 7 of us piled into an old plymouth mini-van, we had a great visit as we traveled, saw beautiful scenery and ate a taco with a scrambled egg in it, it was really good.  After our field trip with the Contrera’s family we went to Camp Sion for the rest of the day with those from Saltillo.  On the Saturday between the two conferences we went to the Gran Pastor restaurant so I could try cabrito (baby goat), its a specialty in Monterrey and I’ve always wanted to try it (it was pretty good).


Cabrito cooking over coals-Monterrey

The conferences finished up on the 8th of August and we left Monterrey we went to San Luis Potosi and then on to Mexico City on Sunday the 9th.  On Monday the 10th we were given an early tour of the Mexico City Temple, one of the most beautiful places on earth.  The temple has been closed for about two years for remodeling and its very impressive.  As we finished the tour and had a couple minutes to sit in the celestial room I wished that I had my whole family there with me to feel of the safety and peace thats there.  The feelings are so special there that you want every one in your family and all your friends on face book to experience it, again we are very blessed to be here.  Last night we had a meeting at the visitors center to learn of our duties for the next 3 weeks during the open house, what a great opportunity, again we are very blessed.

Birthdays we have missed the last couple weeks include Benson, Brayden, Garren and Kaydra upcoming in the next few days will be Jace and Theresa’s, we wish everyone a very happy birthday and success in what you’re doing.

We love you all very much and are very proud of you, keep us in your prayers and we will do the same.

Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa and Friends

One thought on “FSY Positive and Successful Experiences

  1. Sounds as though you two are very busy. It also sounds like you are really enjoying your mission. I’m so glad. I can’t believe that it is almost over for you. Everyone around here is trying to get their grain and hay in. The weather has been typical Idaho weather. Some farmers are even killing their spuds. Wade Ward was called to be our High Counsel man in our ward last Sun. Todd Shirley is now in the Bishopric. We just went to see Matt in OK and it was very hot there. It was sure fun to see the grandkids. School will be starting here pretty soon.
    We are glad you are healthy and happy. Keep smiling as Angie would say.
    Love Sandy and Linda

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