Adios Mexico! Till We Meet Again

Querida Familia y Queridos Amigos,

Greetings from Old Mexico, this will be our last blog as we are going home on Monday the 19th of October.  Today is Wednesday so we will make a couple additions to the blog  until Sunday night, we will want to include a little report on our last FSY training that will take place on Friday and Saturday of this week, here in Mexico City.  The weather today is just beautiful, one of the things we will miss is the climate of Mexico City, it is really pleasant 365 days of the year.  The big thing we will really miss are the people, we have truly made some great eternal friends and it will be hard to say good bye.  The Mexican people are very loving and affectionate, the men give each other an abraso and a slap on the back and you always give the ladies you know well a kiss on the cheek, I’ve certainly kissed a lot of women as a missionary.

We have learned that food is a huge part of the Mexican culture, people eat a lot and often.  All of the people we know are inviting us out to eat as a farewell gesture, our dinner schedule is completely full and we are now telling people we are out of time and have no more evenings to go out.  By the time we leave we will have had dinners with the Cisneros, the Halls, the Huape’s, the Varela’s, the Toledo’s, the Mejia’s and of course our FHE group, I sure hope we fit into our clothing by the time we walk onto the plane. With time I think some of these people will visit the states and we will be able to take them out to dinner.  We also went to a baby shower for Jessica Toledo and we have gone to numerous temple sessions with ward members as they took out their endowments and a special little trip to the temple yesterday morning with our ward friends just to be together.  I hope we can remember all the experiences we have had with these people.

We attended a Mexican fiesta on Sept 15 celebrating Mexico’s independence, the people we worked with at the visitors center were all there and again we ate after-which we had a little talent program and then the traditional yell celebrating independence day, we had a lot of fun.


Arturo Cisneros and a cute little Señorita

What a dork

What a dork

Fiesta 15 de Septiembre

Fiesta 15 de Septiembre

We have two Mexican couples who live here in the same building with us (The Rojas and the Angulos) in the last month the ladies have had clases on making flan, flour tortillas and tonight they are making chiles en nogada. (why does everything center around food?)

Best flan I've ever eaten.

Best flan I’ve ever eaten.

Best tortillas I've ever eaten

Best flour tortillas I’ve ever eaten

Chile en Nogada—Independence day dish

Best Chile en Nogada I’ve ever eaten.

We really need to move away from food, there are other things happening.  One of the highlights of the last month was the visit we received from Walter, Debbie and Kalina Deitz, good friends from Sugar City.  They got here Sunday afternoon, Sept. 27 and left on Oct. 1.  We had a great visit as we took them to see as much of Mexico City as possible.  We went to Teotihuacan, ate in the cave (La Gruta), visited the ciudadela market, the zocalo center and the open air market (tianges).  They are great friends and we had a wonderful time with them.

Debbie, Kalina and Walter Deitz

Debbie, Kalina and Walter Deitz


Lunch in the cave (La Gruta)


More Food!

More Food!

Another highlight of the last month was General Conference on Oct. 3 and 4.  We watched it from the computer and projected it onto the wall so we had a 50 inch screen to watch it on (in English).  As always it was very uplifting and spiritual.  We were very impressed after hearing the 3 new Apostles speak. On another Saturday morning we did something we had wanted to do for 18 months, we went down town and took a tour on an open bus.  We went with the Anthony’s and had a great time. To get there we took a route bus to the metro station and then took the subway to the Zocalo to catch the tour bus.  On the way home we were on the metro (subway) during rush hour, their were so many people pushing to get on and off the metro, we call it the “inappropriate touching time”, its all part of the experience.



All these people trying to get on an already overfull train

Its Sunday morning October 18, just waiting to go to church.  We have had a very busy Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  On Thursday we had our last meeting with the Area Presidency and after the meeting President DeHoyos invited us into his office for a little meeting of release before we leave, when we went in not only was Pres. DeHoyos there but also his two counselors President Valenzuela and President Pieper.  It was really fun to be there with 3 General Authorities and have them thank us for our service and tell us they loved us, it was for us a very special event.  On Friday and Saturday we had a large training meeting here in the City, we had the session directors from each of the 17 missions that will have an FSY conference in 2016 also in attendance were the Stake Presidents that head up the FSY committee in each of the missions.  We worked hard and had a great training meeting, at the conclusion of the meeting on Saturday they brought in a big cake for our good bye.  We had to take a bite out of it in front of everyone, kind of a tradition here, we had a lot of fun with it, we felt very honored.  The training was really our last official function as missionaries here in Mexico, so I guess its over.  Today we will take some pictures of some very special people at church and then tomorrow we fly home to good old Idaho.

Farewell cake, with the bites taken out of it.

Farewell cake, with the bites taken out of it.

Its has been fun to write in this blog and it will serve as a great reminder for us of our time in Mexico, we hope it has been enjoyable to our family and not a waist of their time.  We truly have had a good mission and have had wonderful experiences that have taught us many lessons.  We hope we have done some good here in Mexico, we love these people.

See you very soon!

Love, Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa and Friends 

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  1. It will be great to have you home, but I will miss the posts and notes. I’ve been inspired and uplifted by your missionary experience. Can’t wait until it will be our time. Look forward to seeing you again. We plan to be at Teton this Sunday.


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